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Grounds on Which Your Car Insurance Claim May Get Rejected

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You invest your hard-earned income for buying your prized possession. By adhering the law and to protect your dream machine, you purchase car insurance as well. But, is there any guarantee that your car insurance claim will be accepted after an accident or whenever you need it? If not, then keep reading this.

Let’s take an example. Mr. Sharma owns car insurance for his dream car Honda City ZX 2013 model. Recently, he met with an accident. Though the bodily injury was zero, the broken stage of the car indicated how bad was it. The huge repair bill demanded him to claim for car insurance. He was quite sure that the insurer will reimburse the money. But reality set for something else. His claim was rejected. Reason can be one of these:

Scarcity of Knowledge

Many car owners buy car insurance just heck of it and don’t know how to file a claim. Finally, the go through lots of problems when the actual time comes. Every policyholder must know the terms and conditions mentioned in the fine print of your policy. The Sad part is that very few bother to check it.

Avoid dilly-dallying-Pay Premium on Time

Be active, avoid dependency. Pay your car insurance on time. Delay will only cause lapsed car insurance plan and you’re no longer be covered for any benefits offered by the plan, once it lapses. It is obvious that your insurer will not entertain you with a policy that loses its validity.

And, forget about No Claim Bonus as well in case you don’t renew the policy within 90 days from the date it expires.

The situation gets worse when your car meets with an accident and you can’t claim the insurance. The only thing left is to spend your hard-earned money.

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So, be proactive and pay the premium on time.

Suggestion: Keep a close watch on your car insurance expiry date and try not to miss the renewal on time.

Don’t be Oversmart- Inform the Insurer about Every Single Thing

Do you think you did a good job by repairing your car by own without informing the insurer?

Well, you’re wrong!

If you think, in this case, the insurer will reimburse you for the expenses incurred during the repairing, you’re extremely taking it wrong.

You should keep your insurer in the loop for every single change you made or you did any investment on it. It is necessary because, at the time of claim, a surveyor is appointed to inspect the car who analyse the cost of damage. After that, an estimate based on surveyor’s report would be provided to you.

The insurance company has every right for not accepting your claim in case you get the repairs done by you and later inform the insurer and claim the amount.

Your insurance company has all the rights to reject your car insurance claim in case you get the repairs done first and then inform them.

Moreover, one of the many reasons of claim rejection can be the inability to detect the place of the accident and the actual cost of damage.

Suggestion: Don’t act over smart; inform your insurer and play safe!


These are just a few tips in case you want to avoid falling into this self-made trap. You buy a future generali car insurance plan to give utmost safety to your hard-earned possession. Why to create mess and fall prey to claim denial?

If these make any sense and you consider car insurance as your earnest essential, try to follow them!

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