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Invest in Silver: The Reasons Seem Convincing

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Silver in India

The Silver is in the line to beat gold to become India’s preferred investment in near future. Despite having lots of other options for investments, people in India are inclined towards investing in gold. This love for gold had created serious economic issues in the year 2011. As per an Australian investment bank’s latest estimate, 78% of India’s household savings are in gold only.

If we are talking about investing in metals, there are other precious metal options available as well. If we consider the total demand of Silver in India, the industrial sector claims the largest portion, and then comes investment, followed by jewellery. Since investing in Silver is popular owing to the silver prices, there is multitude of other reasons for investing in it. There are multiple of options available in the market to invest in Silver such as buy silver jewellery, commodities markets, silver bar, silver ETFs etc.

But, above all, the most striking question is should you be investing in silver and if yes then why?

Here’s why investing in Silver is a good choice!

Never Ending Demand

Though gold has taken over the market, the demand for silver has never faded, especially in India. All thanks to the industrial sector that the demand is continuously being generated for production purpose. This so far outweighs the demand by others. This means nothing but indicates that silver is in demand and there is no harm investing in something which is always in vogue.

Global Demand is Growing

The global market has started accepting its existence, so the demand is growing rapidly. Overall demand is nowhere more than China and India. These two nations have long histories of cultural similarity towards the use of precious metals. With the growth o population, the tendency will continue to a tremendous level.

Silver is Cheap and Affordable

What if you could buy hard silver at a 1/70th price of gold that also protects you as well in the crisis?

This is the truth that you can buy silver at a much cheaper rate than gold. Still, its value doesn’t reduce as a precious metal and helps maintain your standard of living as same as gold. If your wallet doesn’t allow you to buy gold, silver can be a good option left to invest with a good return.

Also, gifting silver has been a tradition in India since years especially in the occasions like Diwali festival, wedding ceremony, during rituals. There is no better option for gifting than silver, which is precious yet affordable at the same time.

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Supply Vs Demand

With growing demand for Silver in the large nations like India and China, the supply of the same is dropping. This indicates, at some time in the near future investing in silver will be tough due to availability. As price may be higher and driven up the limited supply, the long-term investors can enjoy a good return.

Market Prediction is Possible

You can predict the silver market. Most of the time we notice people eagerly wait for the wedding or festive season to come when the price doubles, for both gold and silver.

You Don’t Need Bank Account to Invest

Despite being one of the developed countries, a portion of India’s population is unaware when it comes to taxation or banking. This may create difficulties for them to invest in various instruments available in the market. For them, Silver is one of the reliable places to invest in as it can be bought and sold without much hassle.

No Storage Problem

If you invest in silver in the form of bar or jewellery, the major question that you face about where to store it. Let’s say you’ve bought some kilos of silver. Now it is not possible for you to keep this at home and getting good night’s sleep. In such cases, there are e-silver products available on the NSEL, that allows the investors to invest freely without worrying about where to store it.

Saviour in an Emergency

It has twofold benefits. First, in case of personal emergency when you need money on urgent basis. You can sell a part of the silver you own.

Secondly, in case of an emergency at a national level, when currency loss its value but silver won’t as it is no more part of our currency now.

To summarize, silver is one of the good options to invest in India. It is a precious metal and will be in demand always. There may be times when the flexible silver prices may bind you to think that they are unpredictable but if you are planning for a long-term investment, you can expect a good return as the demand for silver is rising rapidly.

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