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Reasons to Invest In Gold Bar

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Investing in precious metals means that we are investing in assets as old as the old civilization. These ancient metals play an important role in modern portfolios too. That is the reason why people invest in or buy gold bars.

Benefits of Gold Investment

  • Power of Purchasing – With a finite supply of gold, the power of purchasing has historically remained stable during times of inflation.
  • Worldwide Demand – Since the rate of gold remains the same throughout the world, it makes easier to trade gold, anywhere in the world and in turn makes gold a good investment option.
  • Increasing Value – In 1866, the value of gold coin was $20, which has increased with time to $1995 in 2014. Hence, it is a good idea to invest in gold bars and pass on the treasure to future generations as well.
  • Balance – Since gold is not related to any other asset, it is ideal for balancing any portfolio.

Gold Rate in Patna

Patna is the capital of state Bihar in India. It is an important center in India where the demand for gold is high. It is important to check gold rate in Patna live for 22 karat gold or 24 karats gold, whichever you want to buy, before buying the precious metal in Patna.

What Affects the Gold Rates in Patna?

International gold rates are one of the biggest factors, among plenty of factors which determine the gold rate in Patna. This also depends on the dollar moves against rupees, interest rates, and inflation movement in the country. However, one important factor to consider before buying gold in Patna would be to check the gold rate in Patna and other charges like making charges.

Remember, in Patna, there could be a making charge of 10% of the entire gold jewelry value.

Places to Shop for Gold in Patna

Apart from brands like Tanishq and PC Jewellers at Boring Road in Patna, there are a number of shops from where you can buy gold in Patna at Boring road itself. Fortunately, most of the jeweler stores in Patna sell 22 karats hallmarked gold. One should always check the gold rate in Patna and hallmark on the gold before buying gold, since it helps at a later stage while selling the precious metal.

Demand for Gold In Patna

  • People in India usually buy gold during marriage or festivals.
  • It is also considered a good option to gift gold to near and dear ones.
  • Patna started following the same trend of North and East India.
  • People in Patna are now investing more in gold than before.
  • People keep checking the rate of gold in Patna and when the price of gold comes down, due to various factors, people buy it.
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How to Invest in Gold in Patna?

The best option is to check the gold rate in Patna and buy gold coins or bars. Further, investing in companies which make gold is also a good option because the profit and loss completely depend on the gold rate change.

Is Buying Physical Gold a Good Idea?

Gold is unrelated to other assets including stocks, bonds, and oil. The price of gold does not rise when the price of these other assets does. Like bonds and stocks, it does not even have an inverse relationship with each other.

Gold is a stand-alone investment. This the reason why in today’s era the yellow metal is a part of a well-diversified portfolio. Many people invest in gold in Patna after they check the gold rate in Patna.

Investing in Gold in Patna

Gold is a good investment option. There can be done in the following 2 ways:

  • Over the Counter: The primary modes are jewelry, coins, and bars for investing in gold in Patna. The main jewelry stores include Tanishq, Hira Panna, Alankar, Jagmohan La Shivratan Lal, Khatri & Sons, Ratnalaya, Nakshatra Universe among other ones in Patna.
  • Market Trade: People in Patna invest in gold through future contracts, spot contracts, and traded-exchange funds. To trade in gold, Kotak Securities and SBI Gold Fund are the two options available in Patna. Spot contracts are very volatile in nature and can be delivered and bought quickly. Future contracts have a lesser risk of volatility since their delivery is deferred. Gold ETFs are traded on the stock exchanges of both national and international. They are important in tracking the price of gold.

Why Shouldn’t You Invest In Gold?

There are both, gold investment advantages as well as disadvantages. While we have already discussed about benefits of gold investment, let us talk about disadvantages of investing in gold:

  • Safety: If a thief comes to know about your gold possession, you will be robbed.

Gold plated lead: If you do not buy gold from authorized dealers, there are chances that you end up buying gold plated lead, which has no return values and is equivalent to investing in stones.

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