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Supercharge Sales With the Right Clover POS System

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It’s time to upgrade your POS system and improve your sales strategy. Whether you’re just opening your small business or looking for a way to compete in your industry and grow your business, a new Clover POS system can give you the flexibility, affordability and convenience you need to accelerate your business.

Booker Clover MINI

This small but mighty POS boasts all the payment processing features you need in a compact package. When you choose a Booker POS, you’ll enjoy a chip reader, touchless pay and traditional card swiping software to keep your POS relevant and responsive to your customers’ needs.

Clover Station

If your business needs a traditional cash drawer combined with the latest tablet-based POS software, choose a Clover Station for a great balance of convenience and comprehensive sales. Using the same, convenient software of other Clover systems, the Clover Station allows you to create a centerpiece for your storefront or restaurant that can handle multiple orders, a vast catalog of products and is easy to train your employees on.

Clover Mini

For a mid-sized POS system, the Clover Mini is an affordable alternative that still features a cash drawer. The compact tablet doesn’t include a receipt printer, but offers the same ease of sale and safety of the Clover Station. It’s a great secondary POS option or a streamlined way for your waitstaff to complete orders away from your main countertop Clover Station.

Clover Mobile

When you’re away from your building or looking for a portable way to process credit cards, choose the Clover Mobile POS system. This high-speed credit card, chip and NFC payment processing system is a popular option for quick sales options.

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Restaurant owners love the convenience of Clover Mobile. Your waitstaff can engage directly with your customers and process orders right at the table. This ultimate convenience also works with retail stores or other business locations. If you need a way to meet your customers around your building and process payments efficiently, Clover Mobile is designed for you.

Clover Go

All the convenience of Clover Mobile just got even more compact. For the most streamlined Clover POS system, grab a Clover Go and create a POS anywhere. Whether you’re operating a small booth at a farmer’s market or you need a minimal way to process sales while interacting organically with your customers, Clover Go doesn’t let anything get in between you and your customers.

Clover Flex

Last, but certainly not least, Clover Flex is an innovative solution that combines the convenience of Clover Go with a range of additional features. The Clover Flex offers a built-in QR scanner and camera that make it double as an excellent tool for managing inventory in your storeroom or warehouse. Choose to utilize 3G or WiFi connectivity to keep in touch with the rest of your POS systems for an intuitive system.

Whether you enjoy all the POS services provided by the Clover Station or enjoy the professional look and slim design of the CloverFlex POS, find the perfect system to supercharge your sales and take your business to the next level.

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