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Get to know in detail about Audi service before you take your car on road

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Audi service

If you are an Audi car owner and like excellent performance from your Audi car, you need to keep up with the time schedule for maintenance of your car. It is also a remarkable methodology to help and protect the value of your vehicle and at the same time investment.

  • All authorized Audi repair shops are well equipped with tools, tackles, and machinery to carry out repair work professionally and effectively. Facilities that are used by Audi repair shops are all inspected and certified by Audi company representative during routine check-up of the repair shops.
  •  Right from refilling the filters, to taking care of the spark plugs, the body, the coolant and other car accessories, there are multiple types of servicing that are required for your Audi car and you need to consult with an expert dealer for the same.
  • Audi provides extensive guidelines to all of their authorized repair shops. The repair process is also frequently monitored by Audi Company.
Audi service
Audi service

Audi service plan

The service plan is related to much more than the amount saving and convenience. It provides extensive technical training most advanced diagnostic tools and usage of Audi genuine parts to aid in maintaining the original performance and integrity of the Audi car.

  • The best way to keep extensive Audi performance is to ensure that all your maintenance is performed as per schedule.
  • Best way to do that is to choose Audi service plan at your earliest. Customers are also opted to purchase Audi car life – Audi service plan through Audi authorized dealership at the time of purchase of a new vehicle.

The best protection of your car

Service plan provided buy Audi is money saving, hassle free, trouble-free procedure. It is also proven and reliable opportunity to get sure that your Audi car gets necessary care and services it desires and it helps to avoid expensive repetitive repairs.

  1. Convenience: Audi service plans are honored at all Audi dealerships
  2. Audi trained technicians: The Audi technicians know the car best. They can spot potential faults quickly than the other.
  3. Audi genuine spare parts: Replacement of Audi genuine parts will maintain the value of your vehicle in the long run.
  4. Enhanced resale value: Properly maintained car earns higher value
  5. Transferable: In case your sale your Audi, the service plan also automatically transferred to new owner thereby helping to boost resale value.
  6. Price protective plan: prepayment of scheduled service ensures that you are protected future price increase
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The scope of services:

  • Engine tuning
  • Checking of brakes and brake shoes: a cost of a spare part is payable
  • Changing lube oils: the cost of lube oil is chargeable
  • Wheel balancing
  • Elevated washing with a compressed jet of water of the entire body of the car including wheels and bottom plates.
  • Cleaning of seats and car mats by a vacuum cleaner
  • Changing of parts if found damaged: the cost of spare parts is payable
  • Checking of the wiper and fins
  • Servicing of electrical items are excluded

Additional service plans from Audi

All scheduled maintenance must be completed by an authorized service Audi dealer, Audi service plan cannot be canceled and is non-refundable. Finance option for Audi car is only available during a purchase of a new vehicle.

From above information, it is evident that to enjoy uninterrupted driving pleasure by Audi car can be achieved only by regular maintaining it through Audi service stations. Extended warranty and service benefits are to be checked before you start taking your car to the service center. Look for the genuine car spare parts before you deal with the pricing policy, and personalized finance deals with low EMI options are also available for different plans.

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