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Top 7 Causes of Blocked Drains

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Blocked drains are not a good situation at all; they cause huge inconvenience to the rest of the activities inside the house plumbing system. This situation not only causes problems in the plumbing system but also are very harmful to the health. This is because they are home to the bacteria and give out a very bad odor. There may be many reasons for the blocked drains but there are some common household elements that give rise to such problems, which you should understand and apply and prevent them as soon as possible. These issues seem very minor at first, but they can easily transform into major ones within no time.

Here Are the Most Common Causes Within the Household That Gives Rise to Such Situations,

blocked drains brunswick
blocked drains brunswick

1. Hair

Hair fall is very common during showering and washing hair. It is one of the biggest reasons for blocked drains. The hair easily gets clogged up with the grease and then form clogs. It is very simple to remove the hair. You can do this by washing the bathroom daily and pulling the hair using some plastic or gloves to avoid future problems.

2. Soap

It is important to know that even soap contributes to the blockage in the pipes. This happens because the soap bars contain grease or fat as one of its compounds. They leave scum after the fat of the soap combines with minerals contains in the water. This form clogs.

You need to switch from traditional soaps to get rid of this problem and keep your pipe cleaned up regularly to avoid any further clogs.

3. Food waste

Sometimes while washing dishes, a lot of food particles get disposed of in the sink. This on a daily basis gets to pile up in case you don’t clean it. Sometimes, even   if you do, some food particle gets into the pipe. This particularly involves tea leaves and smaller residues. You need to clean up your sink every day and throw the remaining food items off the plate in the dustbin.

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4. Plants

In the season of spring and autumn when the trees shed leaves, these can get clogged in the drain.  To prevent it from happening, keep your areas clean, especially in case of heavy winds. If you don’t, then they can easily get into your drainage system and block it, which will become problematic. Also, if you own a garden, keep your plants watered enough so they don’t shed leaves in off-season.

5. Grease

Like all other substances, grease and fat also build up in various household places but mostly in kitchens.  The greasy substances go into the pipes and keep on sticking till it blocks the pipe. To avoid such situations, put the grease separately in any container and dispose of it in the dustbin.

6. Small objects

Small objects can find their way into your plumbing supply and wreak havoc. Nothing but water, toilet paper, and human waste should go down your toilet, drain, or sink. Any other object should be disposed of responsibly in the trash, compost, or recycling. If any foreign matter has gotten into your plumbing supply and is causing issues, you’ll likely need professional help to remove it and ensure your plumbing returns to normal.

7. Heavy Rain and Storms

It is also prevalent to experience blocked drains during the flood season as it makes the water overflow. There is a high chance that the overflow is due to blockage, especially in gutters. Make sure you get the gutters cleaned up regularly.

Cleaning blocked drains is the only method that can ensure your drains have a smooth flow. Make sure you understand the causes well and prevent them for future help.

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