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Garden Tea Party Tips and Ideas

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Whether it’s a bridal shower, an engagement, a birthday, or a baby shower – any reason for a celebration should always be more than welcome. What better way to honor life than by celebrating it? Delicate, whimsical, and simple, garden parties provide an ideal arrangement for any such occasion. What’s more, there is no need to spend a fortune on a party planner, luxurious decorations, and expensive catering – garden tea parties are typically modest, unfussy, and characterized by a peaceful and relaxing setting. To plan your garden party, here’s what you will need to consider:

Decide on a theme

Naturally, you want to adjust the party theme to the purpose of the even, so depending on the reason for throwing the party, you’ll need to incorporate certain details and decorations. Of course, your garden party does not necessarily have to be in honor of someone or something. It could also just be a random or casual get-together with your friends. However, during the planning and preparing process, it’s helpful to have a certain theme in mind.

Pastel colors

Garden parties are tasteful and romantic. With the advantage of taking place in a green space with lots of natural lighting and a beautiful environment, these kinds of celebrations require no additional attention-seeking aspects, such as fluorescent colors or flashing lights. Instead, focus on pastels and maybe some mood candles, in case it’s an evening event. For an additional aesthetic effect, add balloons, tulle, or streamers to the back of each chair in a matching pastel color. If you’re aiming at a more chic tea party, you will also definitely need to invest in a retro tea set, preferably white or pastel green or pink.

celebration, colourful cupcakes

Atmosphere and comfort essentials

You will also want to consider how to ensure the comfort of your guests in accordance with the rest of the exterior design and decorations, especially given that the party is taking place outdoors. To guarantee a pleasant and relaxing experience, invest in some high-quality commercial shade sails to help guests escape the hot sun or unfavorable weather changes. To help build the right atmosphere, some vintage tablecloths with antique silverware are the perfect combination for a relaxing afternoon tea. Additionally, you may want to consider some nice chair cushions for the optimal comfort of your guests, especially if you have metal furniture.


Inseparable from any romantic atmosphere are, of course, flowers. Let nature do its work to provide you and your guests with both beauty and an enchanting scent. But aside from those simply growing in the garden where you’ll be hosting the party, incorporate some flowers as central decorations. You can look up some DIY tips and make a vase out of a jar, with some delicate lace or ribbons around it, or fill a clear glass vase with dill or Italian parsley for a central table décor. If you’re not a DIY type of person, a simple pitcher bouquet is also more than welcome for a centerpiece.

And some more flowers

Consider adding some freeze-dried rose petals or any edible flower petals into ice cubes to refresh and add a special touch to your drinks. Wear a flower dress or a shirt. For a garden tea party, you can never really go too far with flowers.

assorted flowers

Finger food

Tea parties are not about overstuffing the guests’ stomachs, so let’s leave this to good old backyard barbeque parties and focus more on serving some elegant and lighter types of food. Finger sandwiches, pastries, baked goods, and side salads will be your cup of tea when hosting a sophisticated garden party. It goes without saying that tea-time cookies are a must.



Your garden tea party drink menu can focus exclusively on just a variety of tea types, but if you would like to elaborate, consider including fresh fruits, herbs, and edible flowers. Come up with your own sort of refreshing cocktails and ice tea combination – of course, test each recipe once before the actual party to avoid any sort of unpleasant surprise.    

Now when you’re prepared with all the tips and tricks we shared – what better to do on a sunny weekend day than throw a garden tea party?

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