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Things to Know About Audio-Video Connectors

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There are many types of connectors that are out there, so knowing about them all is not very common unless you are within the cabling industry. It can all get very boring and eventually put you to sleep when listening to people get all technical about each connector and what they are used for. But you can not deny that knowing cables will help make your life easier and less reliant on others fixing you cabling problems, a simple article like this one can help along the way with understanding the cables and connectors that are generally used on a daily basis. No, don’t worry we won’t be going into fiber optics and what they are and the different connectors and cables that they have, that part would be even more tiring to listen to than this.

Going along with this article we will be going through different topics on “Things to know about connectors”, starting off with what cables and connectors are, listing out what are the different connectors and and features each one has making them different from each other.

What are connectors?

When thinking about what a connector is, it’s pretty simple as it was always a little thing that everyone has been using, but for those who don’t know or want a proper answer to the question, a connector is a device that brings two interfaces together physically.

Having a variety of different types of connectors that each have different purposes and functions to them, being used on devices that you would use on a daily basis or even those devices that you would have no clue about.

Why knowing connectors are important?

Not knowing about the connectors could in the end be to your disadvantage, when it comes to audio or video connectors they help through linking each equipment together, through this if ever a cable or connector were to be wrongly connected this may result in the whole system not working at all, or causing some sort of glitch within the system. The whole process could be very dangerous for everyone and may result in the whole system being damaged. To help have a clear understanding about each necessary connector that you would often use, this article will help through the process of each connector to prevent anything from happening.

Types of connectors

XLR- One of the most well known and used connector would be the XLR, these connectors are mainly used for professional uses and come in different amount of pin connectors, either being from 3-pin to a 5-pin. They come in both female and male connectors and not to confuse people they come with different outer features.

 When it comes to the 3-pin XLRs they are mainly being used for audio purposes when compared to the other numbered pins, this is due because of the reliability that is constantly demanded from cables and connectors. They are usually used for microphones, amplifiers and even speakers, since the XLR connector has a very sturdy body to it making it very resistant and reliable as it holds the technique to lock and not detach itself due to be pulled by mistake, this way the cables are safe and protected properly.

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TRS- Fairly similar to the 3-pin XLR connectors which are also used for professional audio uses, doing the job of balancing all the audio lines as well as handling the stereo signals that are made and in which would insert some sort of effects. TRS connectors are also considered and known as a phone connectors, as in the past the connector was constantly being used at telephone operators to do the job of patching the connectors together.

The XLR isn’t limited to be used on the pro-audio side but can be used for all types of instruments such as guitars as well as other instrument devices that would be needed on stage, being pedals, amplifiers and so on.

PowerCon- A connector that is 100% designed and manufactured by Neutrik, a very famous brand for their reliable connectors. It is used to connect the main power that is provided to all the equipment that is in a small area. A similar connector to this would be the SpeakOn connectors, comparing the PowerCon and SpeakOn can get confusing due to their similar appearances.

SpeakOn- Already mention about through PowerCon, SpeakOn connectors (also stylized as speakON) are connectors that are also being used for pro-audio systems and connecting them together. Also being manufactured by Neutrik these connectors do the job of connecting systems such as passive speakers and amplifiers. Like all other connectors from Neutrik their features of having a safety lock that keeps the cables safely in place.

Going through these connectors compared to a fiber optic cable is much more understandable as these connectors really are something that you would somewhat use sometime in the future on devices or even today being a musician or someone in the market.

So where can you go get connectors and approach someone who actually knows everything there is to know about cabling and connectors? Well trying googling the answer isn’t always the best option as many of the links may not be very reliable, a company that is somewhat well known in the GCC region would be CableTech M.E.A. They are located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in which have provided their services to many well know companies and brands within the region, from Al Jazeera the news casting station as well as the Dubai Opera House. They are known for their serves with Fiber Optic Cabling, but also provide other regular cables that would be needed for audio and video applications. Learn how to Buy Fiber Optic Connectors online in UAE.

Overall knowing the fundamentals of connectors and somewhat and few details on cables it can help you with any problems that may occur in the future, keeping you knowledgeable and in the loop with all the recent kinds of connectors you could find in the market. Though there are many types of connectors, the ones mentioned above are a regularly mention connector.

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