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Top 6 Advantages of credit card

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In the modern world credit card is a very useful and easy to use financial product that can be used to purchase products of our everyday use such as grocery, gas, drinks and many such products. Credit card can also be used to purchase big and expensive products such as TVs, travelling packages, and jeweler because for these types of items we usually do not have so much cash in our pocket.

Just a swipe of a credit card lets us have all these products in no time. There are also many other disadvantages & advantages of credit cards especially for the cardholders as they have the opportunity to earn rewards, cash back and can built credit.

Whenever you purchasing anything by using your credit card, it is very essential for you to know that a credit card basically acts as a short time loan from your bank and it need to be paid back in a specific time. Most of new card holders do not know basics of using them. Credit Card Tips may help to take right decision at right time because this specific loan has an annual percentage rate (APR) which is the rate that also includes if any sort of interest is also to be added, according to the policies of and terms of the credit card.

There is a credit line visible on the credit cards which shows the maximum amount of credit available for you to purchase your desired items on a monthly bases. This credit line is determined by different sort of factors, like the credit history, the income of the person and the amount of credit available at present. The amount shown as available balance is the one which you use to purchase your desired items.

Top 6 Advantages of credit card

  • A credit card is much safer than carrying cash

In case you lose a wallet somewhere or it gets stolen, you will not be getting your cashback in any way, but in the case of losing a credit card you can get the card cancelled at the very moment. Its very simple to apply credit card online.

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Many of the banks also have special criteria and procedure for you to save you from any sort of fraud or loss in a case if someone else is using your stolen card or if there is any false transaction. You just need to report the bank if you have misplaced your credit and they will do the next for you.

  • Credit rating through a credit card

All of the details of your credit card history and the payment you make through it consist of a very important role in maintaining your credit file. If your account is in a very good standing, all that information will help you to make goof credit score which will help you in getting access to much higher products and loans.

  • Get interest-free rates

If you pay all the credit card bill before the due date, then you will be rewarded with interest free rates in your future purchases.

  • Online Logins

Many credit card issuers offer online login to your credit card account to check your statements and balance any time from any corner of the world. This way, you can keep checking record.

  • Get a charge back

If you are not satisfied with the product quality after purchasing it or you have any dispute then you can easily get a chargeback from your respective bank.

  • Credit cards are versatile

Usually there is a currency conversion fee when you buy some product from overseas, but you can easily use your credit overseas as well.

  • Helping hand in emergency

Sometimes there come any situations in our daily life when we are out of cash but need to purchase few things which are very necessary for our use, so in this case a credit card lets us buy things even without cash, but remember you will have to pay it back after you reach the limit.

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