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Activated Alumina Balls for Moisture Free Air

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The presence of moisture or water content in the air is termed as humidity. And there is a definite measure of optimal humidity for proper conditions. Too much of vapour in the air in a room can cause problems to the walls, wood, and to our health. Also, a huge amount of water vapour in the air surrounding or trapped within any equipment increases the percentage of rust and cause damage to it. Thus, be it within a room, or equipment, there must be only enough water content.

There are many ways of controlling humidity. One such method is the use of activated alumina balls. These desiccant air dryer beads are the best in the market because it’s both cost and energy-efficient. The process is very simple and does not leave any harmful traits.

Is activated alumina a derivative of Alumina?

Activated alumina, as the name indicates, is derived from Alumina. It is a porous form of Alumina Oxide, produced by processing the Alumina Oxide at very high temperatures. The basic features of the activated alumina balls are that they are non-toxic, odourless, colourless, and tasteless. These highly insoluble desiccant balls have large surface areas too. The porous structure and the large surface together make these balls the perfect choice for air drying.

Activated alumina balls trap the water molecules in the air or any other substance that passes through them. It has a high affinity for water molecules. This process does not result in any chemical reactions and thus is considered the safest drying option.

The adsorption process in the activated alumina balls
As stated, water molecules are trapped in the surface of activated alumina balls. This process is termed as adsorption. To be used as a mechanism, two columns filled with the desiccants, in this case, activated alumina, is set and the air is allowed to pass through these columns. While air passes these columns, the moisture content remains with the desiccant and the pure air leaves the desiccant columns.

The process of adsorption depends on the pore diameter of adsorbent and the size of the adsorbate. The pores in the activated alumina must be greater than the targeted water molecules, only then will the water molecules be trapped inside the balls. Otherwise, it may tend to leave with the air. Adsorption is considered to be a surface process and thus does not alter the chemical or physical structure of substance under the drying process.

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The two main advantages of using this heatless adsorption dryer are – the initial structure of air is no disturbed and the entire column is easily reusable. As much water molecules get trapped within the desiccant, it becomes saturated and the efficiency reduces. But the removal of water molecules from the activated alumina is as simple as the adsorption process. The saturated desiccant balls are processed at high temperatures to remove water molecules. So we can use the same activated alumina balls for air drying repeatedly.

Features of activated alumina that makes it best Air desiccant:

  • Adsorption capacity: Activated alumina balls have high adsorption capacity due to its porous structure and increased affinity towards water content. These features help in a fast and deep drying process.
  • Surface area: The surface area of activated alumina balls is high enough to trap maximum water molecules. This improves the adsorption capacity.
  • Cost-efficient: The activated alumina balls are easily restored by the simple process of applying high temperatures. The structure of adsorbent is not affected by this process, and also the efficiency. Thus, the same desiccant column can be reused and this will help is the expense involved in the process of air drying.
  • Resistance to temperature and pressure: High mechanical strength of activated alumina helps it to withstand high thermal and mechanical shocks. Neither the physical structure nor the chemical composition is altered by temperature and pressure. Thus, these balls can be used in such situations with no negative impact.
  • Bead size: Not just high surface area, but these balls have uniform bead size as well. This ensures maximum utilization of the desiccant column in use.

Thus, activated alumina balls are the most appropriate choice for the air-drying process as it is the most energy-efficient and cost-effective method.

Sorbead India produces the industry’s best-activated alumina at an affordable price. Air drying is made easier and comfortable with these desiccant balls from our labs.

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