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Top Fine Art Photographers – Tips to Get the Best Results

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Being a fine art photographer requires you to have skills that set you apart from many others. Top fine art photographers should know the key to develop and grow in this vast field. Essentially, regular use of camera with carefulintent while paying attention to the points mentioned below would help you get the best results.

Pursue the objective

To create images that can stir the motions and thinking of viewers.

Develop the skills to “see”

Well, it is the first skill that you need to master to become a fine art photographer

  • Seeing exercises

Spare out forty or forty-five minutes from time to time around your home along with your camera and a subject that can sustain your interest. Before starting taking pictures, relax for a few minutes. Study part of the subject for a few moments, then again focus on another part of the subject and study it for a while. Become aware of shapes and colours. Find out the details that you can see then prepare a note of the following:

  • Expression – What does the subject matter is expressing in the way of sensation? Soft/hard? Smooth/rough? Dull/sharp? Hot/cold? What about mood and emotion? Disturbance/ tranquillity? Peace/turmoil? Sadness/joy? Delight/ anger? Hate/ love? Respond according to your perceptions of emotion and sensation.
  • Personal responses–Tune into your thoughts and feelings as you identify and locate the subject.
  • Impression –Carefully look at the chosen subject or any of its part, and consider it simply as an arrangement of geometric shapes or a geometric shape. Note the parts where things appear most graphically appealing.
  • Theme of the subject – in view of the graphic impression, your personal responses, what is expressed and said, decide on the subject theme, the core feeling or idea you want to convey to the viewers.
  • Meaning– What ideas do you get the moment you see subject matter? Think and respond with your intellect.
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Develop new ways of seeing

You might find yourself stuck in a situation where you click and capture the same old subject matters in the same way fashion and produce same old type of images. Not you find monotony in this but also discover yourself in the doldrums. Before it happens to you, you better know what to do about it.

A good way to break habitual ways of seeing subject is to write them down. Once you have list in hand, make nearly forty-fifty images while intentionallychallenging your visual habit rules.

At the time of examining the resulting pictures, make sure you have an open mind. Remember you are seeking new ideas and thoughts for either pictures you strongly dislike or like. Then spare out some time to find out in each case what makes you feel in that particular way and how you will make more similar however improved images. Keep in mind that you want to be sensitive, and open, to chance.

At last, ensure that you apply the new things you learn and understand as soon as possible. And near in mind that you frequently exercise above for seeing and thinking the subject in new ways. You can do this anywhere and anytime – not only at the time of taking photos. Indulging in this exercise from time to time will help you out of a rut in fashion photography in India and also help you discover new ways of making and seeing fine art.

These are two of many tips that top fine art photographers adhere to add novelty and creativity in the work they do. So, incorporate these tips from now on and revive your fine art photography.

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