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Women Education News- Aspect of Urban Development

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Women Education News

 Women Education News

It is through women education news, that can lead to a massive urban development. The circulation of news revolving and focusing on women education is the need of the hour and it is quite essential that we make it a priority, to help India progress and witness of the dawn of modernization-in its truest sense. Women education is far off than mere influential articles on why must women are educated or sent to schools but is more of an assemblage of actual figures and survey reports that bears testament to the fact that it is key to urban development.

What’s with women education news?

The news centering around women education reflects on the abominable condition women end up falling in, for lack of education. It is more of a powerful awareness amongst the ignorant masses. With more and more women education news circulation, it is quite of a possible task to battle out illiteracy and uplift empowerment of women-one of the crucial pillars of the domain of development.

Is Women Education News really that important?

Six decades since we gained independence, and still we wake up to news of dowry deaths, forced marriage, post-marital rape and what not. The age-old mindset of getting girls married at young age, lest they might spur controversies amongst societies and against their own character and morality can only be banished and ruled out once we are able to spread more and more news and success stories of women education, in areas and amongst sections that look down on women as mere objects and a caretaker of the family.

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How are women education helping to bring about changes?

Even amidst rampant progress, girls and women continue to struggle and battle various obstacles to education are most often hindered from pursuing higher-studies, for it is deemed unworthy and ‘useless’. The international community has acknowledged the equal right to good education for everyone irrespective of caste, creed, religion, and gender, through their recognition of international human rights law. This means that the states have legal obligations to banish all the discriminatory obstacles and undertake strong and powerful measures to bring about equality in education.

It is thus through women education news, a state can do the needful and be successful in witnessing all of its women going to schools, leaving past all the barriers and educating themselves, for as long as they wish to. A large section of our society needs to understand that women are beyond a mere ‘birth-giver’ and ‘housewife’ and that they are equally worthy and deserving for quality education as men, and nothing on the world, except news, can instill that enlightenment amongst them.

It goes without the saying that women education news is one of the most powerful weapons and combating illiteracy and stark discrimination against women.

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