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4 Easy Tips to Help you Buy the Best Air Conditioner for Home

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Best Air Conditioner for Home

When the temperature goes up beyond 40 degrees or even more during the summer months in India, life becomes miserable due to extreme heat and humidity.

Hence, opting for an air cooler may give you some respite up to an extent, but it has also got its limits. Yes, an air cooler may not work in areas with high humidity.

As a result, nothing can cool you and provide effective relief from scorching hear more than an air conditioner.

An AC is designed to bring down the temperature of a room instantly and give you quick relief from the sweltering heat. It is one of the many reasons that many people buy an air conditioner for home.

But, it is also another fact that you can’t buy any AC in the market before considering some factors.

Hence, here is an article that will let you know some quick tips to buy the right home air conditioner. Read on and explore more!

Factors to consider before buying an air conditioner for home

  1. Split or window AC

A split AC is the commonest type of air conditioner that you will find in a home. It is easy to install and does not need much damage to the wall. The indoor unit is inside of the room, while the outdoor unit is installed outside. A split AC looks more pleasing to eyes and can be installed anywhere in the home. The machine works silently without disturbing your sleep.

Another type of home air conditioner is window AC with the combination of blower and compressor within it. It can be installed only in a window frame. Even the installation of the window AC is easier, but it may disturb your sleep as it makes noise while operating. However, the price of a window AC is lower than that of a split AC. Based on your requirements; you can opt for either of the two AC types available.

  1. The room where you need to install the AC

Before you buy any home air conditioner, you need to check the area that you wish to cool down with it. It is right to install a 1 ton AC in a small room and a 1.5 ton in a medium size room. If you don’t do that, then the compressor of the AC will be loaded to consume more power and escalate your monthly electricity bills. Hence, make sure to check the room and an AC capacity that will suit it the best.

  1. The energy efficiency of the air conditioner

Air conditioners are awarded Star Ratings based on their capacity to provide cooling while still being able to save power. Being energy efficient is the key, and a buyer should make a note of it. Example – Installing a 3-star ac or 5 Star will help you save up to 25% and 15% on light bills. Hence, it is good to buy one accordingly.

  1. Other features in an AC

You should also check if your air conditioner for home has some features such as auto restart, sleep mode along with copper condenser. Such aspects will help you operate the AC without issues to make your life comfortable. Nowadays, even portable air conditioners are available in the market.

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It can be moved from one place in a room to another as per your cooling needs. It is a new innovation in the market and may compliment your cooling needs especially if you live in a rented space.

Some of the key pointers that you should consider before purchasing an air conditioner for home are discussed. You can analyze the features that you would like in an AC and then decide on buying one.

If you are ready to buy one but don’t want to stretch your budget, then you can do that using the easy EMI facility. You can spread the price of the AC over a tenor and pay only the fixed EMI amount and nothing more. This affordable EMI facility is provided by Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. You can walk into one of the 60,000+ local stores in 1300+ cities to buy an AC on easy EMIs.

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