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Choose a Solar Battery: Working Method and Criteria for Selection

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Use of batteries to store energy in the form of chemical energy to convert it into electrical energy and use it when needed is the basis of the solar power grid operation. One should understand that we need to trap the sunlight, convert the energy into chemical energy, store it in batteries, and have a mechanism for converting the chemical energy into electrical energy when needed.

Storing Energy in a Battery

In a solar grid, we have the solar panels with different capacities. They convert the solar energy into electrical energy through a chemical reaction. This energy goes to the batteries that change the electrical energy to chemical energy. This is the direct charging process that increases the energy of the batteries. To get solar battery online shopping India offers many choices. It is wise if you choose the best supplier by way of experience and awards won. You can put “Best UPS supplier in India” or “Award-winning UPS supplier in India” and you will get a list of the best suppliers. This way you will get top quality and long life.

The important thing to note here is the power rating of the battery. This will determine the cost of the solar grid setup and the amount of power you will have to use. You use the power by storing the solar energy during the day. The most commonly used one is the deep cycle lead-acid battery. The science behind their operation remains established and reliable and they have a long life of over 12-15 years.

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Things that Affect Battery Performance

What should be your criteria for buying batteries? Here is a look at the things that affect the battery and its performance. First on the list is the price per kWh. This depends on what you pay upfront and the payback parameters. Next are the battery life and the depth of discharge. If you discharge a battery to a deeper extent, then the life of the battery becomes shorter. The payback refers to the daily cycle of charging and discharging.

Need to Know EOL

To determine the End of Life (EOL) of the online solar battery is difficult because they go on without an end. To set a limit for the EOL, when the peak value of the battery output reaches 80%, we say it has reached its EOL. New brands are opting for lower values such as 60-70%. You can keep on using the battery after it has reached the EOL, but there will not be enough power in store.

When you install the grid, two things that you must keep in mind are the continuous power output and the peak power output. The peak power must remain high for off-grid networks as there is no backup grid help. The round trip efficiency is the next criterion. This refers to the charging and discharging of the battery. Each time you do this, the efficiency of the battery becomes lesser. It is advisable to buy a battery with a good round trip efficiency as this allows you to use it for a longer period.

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