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Wooden floor maintenance: Everything you need to know!

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Undoubtedly, wooden flooring looks gorgeous and matches with any home decor theme on any given day. Since it looks effortless and is low maintenance, it’s a popular choice around the globe. If you are one of those people who believe that caring for hardwood floors is a super difficult task, then this post is especially for you! To give you the right idea and information about hardwood floor maintenance, here is a list which will be your proper guide for everyday cleaning and care.

1. Keep heels off the floor

A rule of thumb you cannot afford to miss is to keep heels off wooden flooring. Dust free floor sanding experts Acorn floor sanding explain that high heels and stilettos can leave a lot of clearly visible scratches and marks on the flooring which will need expert attention soon. Even if you have opted for scratch resistant polishes and coatings, this preventive measure will ensure longevity of the flooring.  

2. Rugs and mats are must

Rugs and mats are life savers for wooden flooring. Place rugs at the entrance and exits to get rid of any debris and dirt on the shoes entering the home. Place carpets and mats inside the home for enhancing your home decor’s look, keep scratches and spills at bay and avoiding dust accumulation on the floor. If you are not in favour of using felt pads underneath furniture, place carpets or rugs and you are good to go.

3. Everyday cleaning tips

Be very cautious while choosing cleaners for your hardwood floor as many might claim to be safe but they tend to strip the floor off of it’s shine and finish. DO NOT mop your floors! Mopping or using wet cloth for sweeping or cleaning will expose the wood to moisture which would swell and even permanently damage your floor. Vacuuming is the way to go. Easiest and best way to clean the floor is by broom sweeping. Make it a note to clean the wooden floors with brooms everyday for best results.

4. Sand finishing

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Whether you have scratches on the floor or you want to refresh the wooden floor look, sanding is your ultimate go to process. Sanding should be done every 5 years for best results and for increasing the life of the floor. If you find the process a little too much to handle on your own, let Acorn floor sanding take care of it. Proper sanding gets rid of the old tarnished coatings and also removes all the scratches, leaving behind only beautiful and clean hardwood flooring.

5. Polish to the rescue

Even though sanding and polishing goes hand-in-hand, polishing should be done every few months to get rid of minute dents and irregularities on the floor. Polishing restores the freshness of the flooring and refreshes the finish. Once you are done sanding the floor and getting rid of all scratches, polish the floor for added effect. This will help even out all irregularities and give your wooden flooring a brand new look.

6. Avoid sliding

If you have sliding doors or you tend to change your furniture positions quite often, then wooden flooring is not the right choice for you. You have to avoid sliding furniture to prevent any scratches for the floor to maintain its shine. Also, if you have sliding doors, you will surely scratch the wooden floor a lot which requires to sand it in every 2 years or so for a better appeal.

With these tips at hand, you will be able to increase the floor life and keep it for the long haul. Let us know in the comments if you think we left something important out.

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