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Benefits of Wireless Tour Guide System That May Change Your Perspective

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Finding a better way to provide any kind of facility that is looking for a good indoor and outdoor system that would be able to supply towards a tour group that allows the speaker to walk and talk saving precious time on tours. Being very popular right now having some sort of device or a tool that will help in order to ensure all the guests will have the same exact experience and will hear everything regardless of group size or loud noises around them. We highly suggest for you to use wireless tour guide system in order to execute your message in a user-friendly tool to use without raising each voice.

What is a Wireless Tour Guide System?

A wireless communication system or in other terms a wireless tour guide system allows a tour guide to speak directly to a group of people through the given devices.They are usually used for the purposes of voice transmission, translation purposes for a museum, galleries, conference situation, employee training, interpretation disability, factory tours and outdoor trips. A wireless tour guide system usually consists of a wireless transmitter and a headset microphone connected to it, the voice of the tour guide will be broadcasted throughout all system receivers and have the voice elevated above all surrounding noises. The receivers are passed around to the group members in a way to ensure each person can hear the speaker at a level that they would feel comfortable with, and in a way being in full control through being able to adjust the volume controls.

What are the Benefits?

Flexible and easy to use

A big benefit of a tour guide system is its sleek and lightweight features, as it is a hands-free audio transmitter it is highly portable and easy to keep holding onto, being able to have complete control over the volume, no crosstalk or interference. You can set up easily without any hassle. Typically it is a good benefit to all hearing impaired people they can easily use headphones or personal induction loops then plugged into the receivers.

Improves good communication

The importance of communication is fairly obvious, no one likes their important message not to be heard because your tour group was having a hard time to give you attention the longer they are not focused, they won’t listen and worse they become irritated. It gives you smooth telling stories without interference or frequency chaos.

Build relationships between members and Visitors

Going on a guide tour creates everlasting memories that everyone enjoys looking back at, being able to interact with each other and ask relevant question whilst in an enjoyable environment, this will increase the interaction between a happy guide and fairly satisfied customers. It would result in good customer ratings as they will show their satisfaction through their reviews.

Enhance the Tour Quality and Consistency

As long your message can be heard clearly they can gain more knowledge, they can imagine and appreciate all the stories from the speakers.

Availability of language interpretation services

Whenever traveling abroad the biggest flaw is not being able to understand anything that people are saying, that is why today being a tourist is much easier and beneficial. Most tour guides at museums and so on have implemented the use of these systems that will have an exclusive translator for those tourists to understand better and to have an interpretation service of multiple languages to keep all options open.

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A quick look at Williams Sound

Providing wireless communication systems for over 40 years and being true to their motto of “Helping People Hear”, Williams Sound has been contributing their knowledge to continue developing new products that are needed to reach the technical requirements worldwide. Williams Sound has appointed NMK Electronics Enterprise. Being a well-trusted and exclusive commercial sound distributor in the UAE. NMK has grown an enviable portfolio of brands in recent years and aims to expand the manufacturer’s visibility in the Middle East and to meet today’s trends and technology.


Looking into which systems would be the best to use as a tour guide system or for interpretation reasons, all these systems can be found directly on Williams Sounds and NMKs website with all the details needed to know about everything that is written below.

DWS INT 5 300 02

A completely portable system, coming as a set the DWS INT 5 300 02 is packed and ready for the use of wireless, single-speaker and includes a 4 language interpretation system. As it is ideally used for 4 languages and can accommodate up to 50 listeners, all having a small and compact size that ensures sound quality, security, flexibility and portability. It is designed to help when more than one language is being used at events, resulting in the system being able to interpret for up to 4 languages.

The receivers DLR 360 can be bought separately instead of purchasing the whole set, and are for the people who would need a few extra devices for additional listeners, an unlimited amount of people can tune in to listen given that they are in a recommended range.

The transceivers DLT 300 are worn by the interpreters, being a body worn transmitter for the main speaker to provide audio directly to the other 4 interpreters. From their the interpreters listen and speak simultaneously to the audience who are all on four separate channels depending on the language, the device that they are using is the DLR 360 and can change channel depending on what language they prefer.

The Set System includes:

(5) DLT 300 transceivers
(50) DLR 360 receivers
(50) BAT 022-2 AAA NiMH (rechargeable batteries for each device)
(4) MIC 058 microphones dual-headset (microphone attached)
(50) EAR 022 earphones surround sound
(1) CHG 1012 12-bay, drop-in charger
(1) CCS 049 heavy-duty carry case
(4) CCS 044 BK (silicone skins: color Black)
(1) CCS 044 GR (silicone skin: color Gray)


DWS COM 6 300

A smaller set for a fewer people is the DWS COM 6 300, being a two way wireless system being able to communicate both ways whilst listening and have the option to access the two way mode through a push of a button and begin responding. With 2.5GHz that has less interference, clear audio and low noise compared to other products,

The Set System Includes:

(6) DLT 300 transceivers

(6) MIC 058 dual muff (headset microphones for high noise environments)

(1) CCS 042 DW heavy-duty system carry case

(1) CCS 044 GR (silicone skin: color Gray)

(5) CCS 044 BK (silicone skins: color Black)

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