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7 Tips to Make your Car Last Longer

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Yes, it is not possible to make your car last forever. However, it is possible to maintain it in the best shape for the longest period of time possible. There are a number of cars that are 10 year old and more. These are successfully running on the road. The credit goes to maintenance efforts of owner.

Here are some tips to help you make your car last for a long time:

1. Clean your Car

Washing your car will make it look beautiful and running well for longer. This helps with longevity by cleaning away contaminants resulting in corrosion. Paint offers protection to body panels of car. Underside of the car is not painted. Hence, it is continually exposed to dirt, water, grime etc. that forms rust. Washing car during the winter (the time when road has salt). Road salt will help pavement keep the ice away. However, it can eat holes from metal parts. Drainage points in the car will make rust-causing water to drip out from the suspension, chassis, exhaust, and hardware existing underneath.

2. Routine Maintenance

There are a number of basic things you need to do in order to keep your car running. Start with changing oil roughly every 6000 miles. Make sure the pressure of tire is accurate. Have them rotated. Also replace the windshield wiper blades and air filter as required.

3. Rustproof Your Car

Corrosion can consume your expensive metal. Hence, it is important that you use a trustworthy treatment for rust prevention. Chemical treatments are not recommended because it can trap moisture within the body seams to dry out and crack in the long run. Get your car rust checked on a regular basis. This will save you on inconvenience and ensures protection. Another benefit is that screws, nuts, and bolts will not rust.

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4. High-Mileage Oil

After the odometer hits a specific number, the car loses its ability to process oil as it did in its earlier days. Hence, it is important to use a high-mileage oil to keep its engine running smoothly. These oils are made to clean out the unrefined stuff from car engine and ensure protection from friction. High mileage oil reduces consumption of oil and leaks on vehicles. To get more information on the best oil, read about car specifications & features in Hindi online.

5. Lighten Up

Let your car weigh less if you want a smooth drive. The more a car weighs, the tougher it gets on brake, engine, suspension and transmission. Although most cars are designed in a fashion to carry additional extra weight, unnecessary strain can take miles off its life. Hence, it is crucial that you remove excess weight and drive with essentials.

6. Clean Exteriors

Apart from keeping the interiors clean, you need to pay attention to the exteriors of car. Regular piling of dirt and mud on your car will invite rust. In case, you are residing in a city with high pollution rate or Oceanside with salt in the air, the car can get damage. Make sure you carefully check the bottom of your vehicle for debris or mud after driving under bad weather condition or through a construction site.

7. Regular Interior Cleaning

This is an important for maintaining your vehicle and making it last forever. Vacuum your carpet every month. Empty cup holders and wipe down the door handles well. Although this will not make your car spotlessly clean, regular basic cleaning will prevent it from getting damaged beyond repair.

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