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Difference Between Chambered, Turbo, and Straight-through Mufflers

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Choosing a muffler for your vehicle is one of the main tasks you can do to improve its performance. It is installed for the noise reduction that comes from the exhaust system of the automobile.

One of the vital parts of your car is the muffler. Chambered, turbo, and straight-through mufflers are the most common types of mufflers for your vehicle. It minimizes the sound pressure that the engine creates by using acoustic quieting, which is different in a chambered muffler, turbo, and straight-through mufflers.

The exhaust volume is reduced to tolerable-levels which allows the sound of your vehicle to go as smoothly as you prefer it to be. As your engine generates lots of pulsating noise as the exhaust valves open up and releases highly pressurized gas, the muffler does its job by regulating the noise it emits.

If you are thinking of what muffler type is right for your car, then consider these three most popular styles and compare them in terms of performance and sound. Read on below to find out more about your ideal muffler:

Chambered Muffler

Chambered mufflers’ sounds are slightly louder than stock mufflers. They typically have a raspy sound, and depending on its design, you will have a classic muscle car tone coming from your car. This is if the baffles and chambers within the muffler are finely-tuned.

Chambered mufflers work when exhaust is routed through multiple chambers and around ant number of angled, sound-cancelling plates known as baffles. This boosts exhaust flow, increases horsepower, torque, and fuel economy.

Aside from that, your vehicle will have a rumbling, slightly metallic exhaust tone that is sure to make your car stand out. The best thing about chambered mufflers is packing materials that can blow out, aren’t used, so your chambered muffler’s sound always comes out great.

Turbo Muffler

Turbo muffler has a series of perforated tubes and the exhaust gases are guided through the muffler in an S shaped pattern. There are individual perforations that can actually peel of the sound waves.

This style of muffler has a sound deadening material which will give you a deeper exhaust note. This can be used on any car, whether it is turbocharged or not. The benefit of using a turbo muffler versus a stock muffler, it adds horsepower and attitude. They give engine exhaust an easier path to follow.

Turbo mufflers direct exhaust flow using 3 or fewer perforated tubes which means that it changes directions less. With this, engine exhaust leaves the muffler faster which increases horsepower and provides a better tone.

It is also important to note that turbo mufflers use additional fiberglass packing around the tubes for additional sound control. Turbo mufflers sound can vary widely in volume and tone, and tend to quieter than a chambered or a straight-through muffler.

Straight-through Muffler

A straight-muffler, also called a glasspack, is a type of muffler with the simplest looking design. From its name, it has a straight-through design wrapped in a fiberglass packing. It is compact which adds to its advantage, which is good for limited-space situations. This is perfect for you if you are looking for a traditional style muffler.

Its straight-through design does not offer much sound restriction which will make it louder in most setting. Straight-through mufflers are great for building more horsepower and having deep exhaust tones but its sound will range from noticeably loud to ear-splitting. Consider this if you would rather want a quiet exhaust tone.

Key Takeaway

Choosing from chambered mufflers, turbo, and straight-through, you should know what you will be expecting from them. The main consideration you need to have is the range of added performance it will provide for your ride. Decide whether you would prefer a louder exhaust tone or you would rather have a quiet one.

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