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Last Mile Delivery Solutions: Latest Trends to Follow

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Thanks to the e-commerce practices, it is all about online purchase and timely delivery to your given address these days. You may find it rather hard to actually visit the retail stores, which also offers you with such services online these days. After you have ordered a product online, your chosen product has to go through series of delivery stations before it finally reaches your doorstep. The final stage of delivery is known as the last mile delivery, where the product will actually be transported to last delivery destination that is to your address. To make this service rather smooth and fast, there are some trends associated with last mile delivery solutions for you. To get hold of that, make sure to log online and check the trends now!

Last Mile Delivery Solutions
Last Mile Delivery Solutions
  • Get to faster fulfillments

There is always a strong emphasis on fulfillment and logistics these days due to increase in the same day or on-demand delivery. The delivery team faces a huge pressure and push on fulfillment side to get orders turned around on faster scale and pace. Previously, what used to take hours now have to be covered within minutes. This does pose some challenges in planning. This is mostly related for the food delivery, grocery and pharmaceutical areas. So, faster fulfillment is the latest trend revolving around last mile delivery solutions these days.

  • Trying some DIY techniques

Some of the large retailers nowadays are trying out DIY techniques for the last mile delivery package. These large retailers have created a separate division as last mile delivery solutions instead of focusing on outsourcing platforms. For that, the retailers have to maintain fleet of vehicles, which already exist in different locations for continuous delivery. Moreover, there are trained staff members available too; they are specially known to fulfill the last mile deliveries. If that is not enough, under the DIY techniques, the large retailers also focus towards insurance costs and certifications of their drivers.

  • Supply chain disruptions might impact last mile plans
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Some examples of supply chain disruptors are the venture capitalist start-ups. They are currently impacting the logistics based on last mile delivery solutions. Around 84% of globalized freight is spent on trucking, which include labor, fuel, asset tracking, technology and more. Some of the biggest online retailers are creating separate ways to manage comparable tracking apps for trucking. However, the tech-based landscape is currently riddled with so many instances of supply chain disruptors. But, the trend always remains clear and it will show some little indications of regressions in this regard.

Last Mile Delivery Solutions
Last Mile Delivery Solutions
  • Focusing on crowdsourcing or economy apps

It is hard to come across any other solid way to demonstrate the rise of gig economy. The best ones are the crowd-sourcing apps other than checking on capital flowing into last mile delivery solutions and some of the urban based logistics areas. As per the study conducted in 2015, venture-based capital investments in logistics and supply chain start-ups were stated to be approximately 4 times more than the previous year of 2014.

Some reliable companies are now providing spot making based deliveries, as assigned to independent drivers. The post delivery services from these companies are mainly to alert drivers about the current gigs. Thanks to technology, vehicles can be utilized pretty well these days with the GPS system.

  • Following the trends too

If you are associated with last mile delivery solutions industry and currently eyeing for the best trend, then you have come at the right spot. There are multiple companies, and all are ready to assign you with their best services. For more details, you have to keep your eyes open.

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