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4 Things to Look for to Know There Are Termites in Your Office

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Most homeowners and business owners have probably never actually seen a termite. The reason for this is that because these pests hardly travel out in the open and expose themselves, they are rarely ever seen by property owners.

So, how do you know if you have a termite problem if you have never actually seen a termite? Before you call pest control services in your building, here are four things to look for to know there are termites in your office.

Holes in the Wood

Termites love to eat wood. Because of this, older office buildings without proper wood protection are susceptible to these pests. Termites can bore their way even through thick wood planks and panels and can easily come out of the other side.

Check your office for little holes that are roughly the size of a pinhead. If you notice that there are many tiny holes in a particular room or area in the office, you might be looking at a termite problem.

Termite Droppings

Because termite droppings do not look like feces, this one might be trickier to determine. Instead, termite droppings usually look like birdseed or little sand pellets.

It is a good idea to look for these droppings near door thresholds or under window sills. If you see what might look like wood shavings, it might be a sign of a termite infestation.

Discarded Insect Wings

When they infest a home or a building, termites have a nasty habit of leaving a part of themselves behind. One thing that these insects almost always seem to leave is their wings or at least one of them.

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These wings are very small, so it might be hard to tell them apart from leaves, but they are going to have a distinct look. Typically, termite wings are see-through, with a gray or brownish color. Also, there are going to be light veins running through them which makes them slightly easier to spot.

Small Tubes or Tunnels Along the Walls

Termites will often form a tube or a tunnel along a nearby wall when they make their nests. It is going to look like a small line of sand or dirt along the walls with a specific branching-off pattern.

It is a good idea to check any place in your office that leads to the outside such as near plumbing, windows, and electrical outlets.

Key Takeaway

If you think that you might have termites in your home or office, confirm your suspicions by looking for the things mentioned above. Once you have reason to believe that you have a termite infestation, it is important to have professional pest control services to come in and perform a thorough inspection.

Extensive termite damage can render an office building uninhabitable. Depending on the severity of the infestation in your office, this level of damage can be reached quickly. Because termites can cause serious damage to your property, hiring a pest exterminator is recommended so that the problem can be tackled as safely and as quickly as possible.

Once you have confirmed that you are in fact, dealing with a termite infestation, an exterminator can give you a recommendation on how you can best remedy the problem and help get rid your office of termites once and for all.

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