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Pest Control: Why To Hire Them and How Often?

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A beautiful house or a well-decorated commercial space loses its luster if it is infested by unwanted pests. The whole of London and the world over are spending exorbitantly every year on pest control. The pest control market annually values around £16.40 billion approximately worldwide.

This gives us a vivid image of the threat pests pose to our security and safety. Making it imperative to spend a great deal on pest control services.

Pest Control: A Brief Insight

Pest control by definition is the elimination of unwanted vectors of several pathogens or extermination/ desertion of various organisms to save one’s health and resources.

There is a varied range of pest control methods applied throughout the world. A few of the pest control methodologies are conscripted below:

  • Laying Traps: These are used rampantly all across the globe to catch ravenous rodents like mice and rats. This still is one of the safest mechanisms applied to catch rodents and is equally effective. The rodent coming in contact with it might get killed or trapped alive, which you may choose to remove later.
  • Applying Chemicals:There are multiple effective chemical repellents available in the market for domestic as well as commercial use. DEET (chemical name, N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide)is the most commonly used ingredient in a chemical repellent. Eucalyptus oil, Lemon, and Cloves are also used additionally to get rid of the pests.
  • Use of Pesticides: There are different kinds of pesticides used by pest control London. A pesticide used to exterminate flying insects is not used for crawlers. Aerosol sprays are ideally used against mosquitoes and powdered pesticides are used against termites or ants. Pesticides are usually toxic and should be handled with care.
  • Baiting With Poison: Poison baiting is a common practice worldwide. It has always helped home and business owners alike in getting rid of harmful pests. This is done using a very simple method of alluring the pest toward any food object which is already smeared or mixed with poison. The pest slowly reaches its end after it ingests the whole poisoned food item.
  • Biological Pest Control: Some natural predators can act as a shield against harmful pests. For example, if you have mosquito larvae growing around your house you can apply larvicides like BTI which are nothing but toxin-generating bacteria that survive on insect larvae. Similarly, you can make use of nematodes to get rid of termites.
  • Natural Way Out: If you are hesitant to use chemicals to get rid of pests, you can always turn to natural repellents. Oil extracted out of certain plats act amazingly in keeping away harmful insects. Eucalyptus oil, Onion and Garlic extracts, Cloves, Neem oil, etc are some of the most effective natural repellents.

Now the biggest question that arises here is, when should you call pest control Bristol for help? We will be deliberating the same in the next segment.

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When To Seek Pest Inspection?

There could be multiple factors that deter you from contacting pest control Bristolfrom the onset. However, safety and budget often emerge as two of the most discouraging factors here. There could be scenarios where the local pest control authority can help you with the initial pest control if needed and on certain occasions, you can apply effective DIY techniques that can prove fruitful. Nevertheless, there are times when employing professionals is the only option left.

Let us understand when to seek professional help.

  • If you notice the overgrowth of any repulsive insect or rodent inside the house, try getting pest control done every month without fail. This will allow you to keep yourself and your family free from dreadful diseases and also prevent unwarranted public embarrassment.
  • A professional is well equipped to understand the degree of infestation and will help you get rid of it accordingly. Moreover, at times you are unbeknownst to the category of pests invading your home. A pest exterminator can evaluate that accurately and take required measures accordingly.
  • A professional pest controller will find out the source or the breeding ground of the pest and exterminate it from the root. This eventually will prevent its future growth altogether. There might be water leakage issues at home which is causing dampening in the walls. This will allow some annoying insects and centipedes to grow. A pest exterminator will find out the source and address the issue thereof.
  • Any local pest control company will work with a team of experts. Thus, their work is expedited and mostly accurate. The whole procedure will be hassle-free and smooth, allowing you to rest in tranquillity.
  • Integrated Pest Management or IPM in short is a new eco-friendly technique in pest control. Here, as a homeowner, you have to make sure that no cracks or crevices are left unattended in the house. You also have to make sure that your garden or lawn is kept clean and trimmed regularly and are free from rotting leaves and haywire branches. A pest control expert will look into these factors and rather than applying chemicals all over your house, will monitor the growth of good and bad bugs and try to limit them accordingly.
  • Regular pest control helps you maintain good health as most of the pests are carriers of some of the deadliest of diseases. Many unwanted insects like spiders, cockroaches, or ticks cause multiple health issues. A pest exterminator team will find the root cause and eliminate them consequently.

These are some of the basic reasons why you should hire a professional pest control company every month if you see an emergence or resurgence of pests in your household.

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