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Pre-Departure Checklist For International Students

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Every student going abroad knows how hard it is to take care of everything once he has received the application for the institution he always wanted to go study in. Hence, taking care of everything at that moment becomes suddenly a vague idea, and you try to make the most of your time while you’re in your homeland, either packing, shopping, or spending time with your family.

One clever thing that your education consultant in Karachi would suggest you is to make a checklist that would guide you to check everything prior to your departure. With that, follow the list below for a short pre-departure checklist:

Documents: Being an international student, you may not know when you will need which document. An education consultant says that carrying all of the most important documents, or at least copies of them would keep a student stress free throughout his journey.

Accommodation: One always needs to arrange where he will stay in the country for some years. Most universities offer hostels to students especially coming from abroad and to the locals too. But in case this facility is not available, one has to find a place to stay until he graduates.

Credit cards: Staying in a foreign country, one should always have a credit card. What if you end up in an emergency situation with no cash in your hand? Hence, credit cards would always help you in situations like these, or without them too.

Visa: You need to apply for your visa as soon as you get your acceptance letter since visa and passport are two things that are crucial for traveling abroad. Keeping in mind that visa issuance takes at least two to three weeks; you need to apply for it so you can reach on time.

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We often forget that while we make the last memories in our home country, we need to take care of a lot of things in the following days. From calling and booking a room at your university’s hostel to making a budget, everything needs to be done within these days. Hence, an education consultant in Pakistan always helps in making a pre-departure checklist. In case he doesn’t, then you can always use this list for your departure.

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