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Things You Should Know While Opting for Electric Appliance Testing and Tagging

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Testing and tagging of electrical appliances is a process of inspection in order to ensure an equipment is functioning properly and to perform checks on the nature of the damage and possibly recommend repair or replacement in case it is dysfunctional. These inspections must be undertaken only by licensed and expert professionals as any amount of shoddy work inevitably harbingers hazardous – sometimes even fatal – consequences.

electrical appliance testing and tagging
Electrical Appliance Testing and Tagging

How is the Test Executed?

The crackerjack starts off with injuries that may be visible to the naked eye and goes on to deal with internal issues.

 Listed are Some Aspects that Should be Taken Care Of:

– Warning or rating tags that convey important information about the ways of using the product, and if they have been transgressed.

– Crooked alignment or signs of impact on the appliance.

– Presence of foreign objects which may be stuck in such a way to hinder smooth performance. Sometimes these alien items make a dissonant sound when the equipment in question is shaken manually or power supply is enabled in it.

– Plug, socket, and power supply cord test and idiosyncratic behavior (if any) on connection to a power source.

– Checks to assure no electricity leaks from any part of the given device.

– Proper insulation is inspected by means of an insulation resistance tester or portable appliance tester.

– An examination called the electrical polarity test is done to make certain that the active and the neutral wires are working seamlessly.

– Probabilities of the short circuit between conductors are also taken into consideration.

– To determine if earthing is correctly done, a technician is probably going to perform an insulation resistance test or an earth bond test with the aid of a portable appliance tester that will supply a higher current than what is normal for the appliance to check whether, during malfunction, it can manage to earth the current without problems.

How is the Tag Placed?

– Only when the electrical appliance is put through all the required examinations, it is ready to receive a tag, which is non-metallic and attached not more than 10 centimeters from the head of the plug.

–          A “Pass” tag is attached when no shortcomings are detected. If even one part of the entire testing procedure fails, the equipment gets a “Fail” along with a “Danger” tag which is meant to render it non-useable till further replacement/repair.

– Every tag is meant to have the date on which the testing has been done, the type of appliance, the date by which the next test should be performed, and the names of the company and the technician involved in the process.

– You should expect a comprehensive report post the test & tag that details all the tests and their outcomes for your specific device.

Electrical Appliance Testing and Tagging
Electrical Appliance Testing and Tagging

What Kinds of Electronic Devices should be Tested & Tagged?

– Testing and tagging of electrical appliances are applicable for portable electronic appliances with the exclusion of extension cords & leads, and portable residual current devices.

– Earthed or Class I appliances. Double insulated or Class II appliances.

What should be the Ideal Duration between Two Consecutive Testing and Tagging Sessions?

– The frequency of checks is directly proportional to the severity of the appliance’s working conditions.

– Appliances in use at construction sites have a 3 months’ testing interval due to the extremely harsh conditions in which they are used.

– For warehouses and factories, the recommended time is 6 months.

– 1 year is suggested for appliances that are susceptible to bending or twisting.

– Equipment that has hardly any chances of damage due to either rash usage or from flexing should be tested and tagged once every 5 years.

– You may demand a testing and tagging of electrical appliances to be completed by the owner in case you are hiring machinery.

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