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5 Amazing Free Garden Planning Tools

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Garden planning tools are very handy and helpful for people who are constantly in need of some garden planners. Many nature loving people want to change their garden arrangement every few months just to give it a totally different feel and enjoy some different sightseeing. Here is a list of some good garden planning tools you can use for free to renovate your garden.

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1. Marshalls Garden Visualiser

This garden planning tool gives you an actual 3D view of your garden just like you are actually there to see and feel the changes. This online tool comes with different options like you can input space available for your garden and change the shape of the garden. You can even place or create a 3D image of your home beside it so that you can just imagine what it looks like when it is done. Some other tools include different types of fences, pathways, walls, pavements and many more. You can save your design online and even hire a garden renovator using this tool.

2. Gardena’s My Garden

This interactive tool is a good option to imagine you garden with its zoom, drag and drop and resizing features. You can add various different kinds of flowers, plants, trees, bushes, fruits and vegetables, flower pots, water sprinkler and other decorative items in your garden including a pond. One interesting feature of this online tool is that it offers you to remove buildings, houses, roads and all other unnecessary items to check how you garden looks without these things. You can download a PDF version of you designed garden as well using this tool.

3. Online Garden Planner at SmallBluePrinter.com

This amazing tool is similar to Gardena but it gives the user a choice to play with colour, shape, size, position and tons of other things. When you are done with your designing you can download an image of your design along with a complete list of all the things you need to translate your dream garden into reality. Life is short, so you should get cracking.

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4. Small Gardener

This small gardener tool is similar to other tools but it is not that much detailed like others. However, it is more design oriented in the sense that it gives you some very well design configuration of plant placements and flower beds arrangements. Different shapes of planting beds are available in this tool, you just have to drag and drop your plants into the planting bed and your garden is ready. After designing your garden, you can download a very clear picture of your garden along with the list of plants, seed depth, size of plants and complete description of bed for planting.

5. Vegetable Planner       

As implied by the name this tool is specifically more focused towards the designing of a small vegetable garden. This tool is very handy for people who are interested in organic farming and want to grow a small vegetable garden in their backyard. Vegetable Planner gives you a long list of vegetables like garlic, lettuce, onion, spinach, pumpkins, potatoes, tomatoes, turnips and others. All you have to do is drag and drop these vegetables in your garden and rest of the work is done by this tool. One bad thing about this tool is that it just gives you a picture of you designed garden and no information is provided regarding the quantity and list of materials required.

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