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Molecular Sieve for SF6 Gas Drying

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The presence of radon in SF6 gas can be problematic. It can deteriorate the properties of SF6. SF6 is a greenhouse gas and it is advised to dispose of the same. But its relative properties make this task nearly impossible. So the only option left with is to filter out the contaminants in it and thus keeping it dry and healthy. Studies show that the use of molecular sieve of the right pore diameter is considered the best method for radon filtration. To enhance the filtration process, a cold trap is also inserted into the mechanism.

SF6 gas, though with its greenhouse effect, has many other worthy properties too.

SF6 gas and its importance in the industry:

The most attractive features of the sulphur hexafluoride, SF6, gas is that it is inorganic and harmless. The presence of SF6 gas is considered harmless for both humans and animals. Even then, a slight displacement of oxygen from the air can happen due to the presence of SF6 gas. Care must be taken to maintain the level of SF6 gas around the space otherwise much oxygen can be displaced leading to health issues and insulation breakdowns in installed systems. This non-flammable gas is chemically stable and highly electronegative. The gas is mainly used as an insulator in heavy electrical systems like switchgear, transformers, cooling mechanisms, etc, due to its heavy dielectric properties.

Molecular sieves:

Molecular sieves are porous substance with uniform pores. There are different variants for this sieve, depending upon the pore diameter. The purpose of molecular sieve is to adsorb any targeted molecule in its pores and thus keeping the medium dry. It can be used for drying both liquids and gases. The right sieve is selected depending on the diameter size of targeted molecules. Since the desiccant works on the principle of adsorption, which is a surface process, no chemical reaction is involved. This makes it the most rated choice as a drying agent because the medium will be left unaltered to its initial physical and chemical structure. No heat emission is involved in this process. The mechanical and thermal strength of these adsorbents allows them to be used under any temperature and pressure.

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5A molecular sieve for drying of SF6 gas:

Radon filtration using gas drying molecular sieves is the most efficient process to keep the SF6 gas from contamination. But one point to note here is that the adsorbent in use must not absorb the medium, which is SF6 gas itself, during the process. The studies made to analyze the filtration capacity of each molecular sieve show that the 13X sieves absorb SF6 gas. So this must not be used in the filtration process.

Out of all other molecular sieves, 5A sieves were best in eliminating the radon concentration and not absorbing SF6 gas. The filtration mechanism would include a chamber of adsorbents, the arrangement to pass SF6 gas through this chamber, and respective valves to control the flow and pressures. Radon molecule diameter, which is less than the pore diameter of sieve, will be trapped in the surface of these sieves as the gas passes through the adsorbent chamber. This will leave the SF6 gas to pass through the chamber and come out more pure. Almost 36% of radon concentration could thus be reduced. To improve the performance of the molecular sieve filtration process, a cold trap technique is added. It is the process of installing a column of dry ice to impact the pressure. This addition in the mechanism can remove around 87% of radon concentration from the SF6 gas.

The uniform ball size of the molecular sieves will improve the efficiency of the column. Molecular sieves are porous in nature and have a good surface area to trap the radon components easily.  Also, the adsorbent was not saturated by the radon content. This aids in the long life of the adsorbent column and a cost-efficient mechanism.

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