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Give yourself an Antioxidant Boost

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Antioxidant support is crucial for engendering holistic bodily health – a concern which can be explored in full through a Spectrum Cable Company Internet plan. 

Addressing Resveratrol – and its superiority over placebos

Among the many nutritional preparations that line supermarket and health store aisles within the country (and the world over) – and continue to be touted regularly on virtually every public and media platform for their potent anti-aging effects – Resveratrol is one natural substance that truly lives up to all the sensational hype purported in its name.

Found popularly within the skin of red grapes (as well as in certain berries, raw cocoa and peanuts), and classed as a plant-protective bioflavonoid, resveratrol imparts a significant neuro-protective and cardio-protective defense to its consumers on account of its inherent anti-inflammatory properties. Individuals who regularly drink red wine or red-grape juice (in moderation, of course) can avail these significant health benefits through their diet, but those who choose to forego these occasional treats still can obtain their daily dosage of resveratrol from a range of health agents made easily available in inexpensive and over-the-counter (O.T.C; prescription-free) packaging.

Large-scale epidemiological studies have confirmed that people living in cultures where red wine is consumed as a staple part of their regular diets tend to have (on average) longer lifespans, better heart-health, and a lesser preponderance of cognitive-health decline among their elderly; as opposed to their counterparts in other sociological settings – culminating in what was once referred to as the famous ‘French paradox’ (since the French people were frequently observed to exhibit these age-defying characteristics; to the great mystification of several turn-of-the-century researchers and clinicians).

Curbing the threat of Free Radicals attack

Resveratrol’s powerful anti-inflammatory potential springs from its free-radical-neutralizing ability. Free radicals are produced as toxic byproducts through the regular functioning of the body’s innate cellular and organ systems, and may also be unwittingly acquired from external sources such as cigarette smoke, a range of common environmental pollutants/carcinogens, as well as poor (daily) lifestyle habits.

If left unchecked, and in the absence of any strong circulating antioxidant reserves (which may be bolstered through the intake of such natural, organic compounds as the Vitamins C & E, Coenzyme Q10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid; via both health agents and a balanced dietary schedule), these toxic ‘reactive oxygen species’ can wreak a great deal of internal bodily havoc by attacking cellular DNA, impairing the proper functioning of cell organelles, damaging the endothelial (inner) lining of arteries, and by making the ‘ground’ fertile for the growth and biological enculturation of an array of pathological disease conditions.

Using Resveratrol for Heart Health

When taken in the context of cardiovascular health, free radicals inflict a deleterious scraping effect on the endothelium linings of blood vessels, and make them receptive targets for successive bouts of plaque deposition. The gradual accumulation of this blood flow-impeding fatty substance leads to a narrowing of the lumen space within the said organic transport tubes, eventually leading to a situation of complete vascular blockage. It is when this dangerous obstruction arises that an afflicted individual is said to suffer from an (usually instantaneous) episode of stroke or cardiac arrest, since the blood flow to (and from) the heart happens to become compromised.

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In the light of this understanding, it thus becomes clear that by preventing the onset of inflammation (through the use of Resveratrol, and other anti-inflammatory food agents), one may stand a good chance of forestalling the occurrence of a major health-condition like chronic heart failure, which results from frequent episodes of unmanaged stroke. Should plaque-formations or clots emerge within the coronary arteries (the arterial system charged with supplying nutritious blood to the heart for its own functioning), the cardiac muscle may be subjected to a perpetual and irreparable state of atrophy (or cell death).

The quality-of-life dynamics of individuals who undergo this progressive and painful condition (it need not be detailed with undue descriptions – so common and well-known is the experience) are made noticeably more dismal than those which characterize an otherwise healthy person’s day-to-day existence.

Preventing Neoplasmic Growths with Resveratrol

Another powerful health benefit accrued from Resveratrol supplementation is in the form of cancer (anti-tumor) therapy. Resveratrol, in a manner similar to certain other antioxidant substances like curcumin, targets a tumor cell’s angiogenesis-promoting machinery. Angiogenesis is the process by which a mutated tumor cell obtains its nutrition from the host’s blood system via the extension of newer blood capillaries connected to it.

By preventing the affected cells from stimulating the growth of further blood linkages (a stratagem which is currently being employed in the latest rounds of anti-cancer clinical research), Resveratrol significantly lowers any future prospects of the cancer metastasizing (spreading throughout the body, and affecting the other healthy tissue systems); the state when it is most difficult to manage and contain.

A few concerns…

It has already been alluded to above that a quality red wine is probably one of the easiest ways to obtain resveratrol in one’s daily diet, but this holistic prescription comes with a big catch. In the event of a continual overconsumption of the said recreational beverage (a condition popularly referred to as ‘alcoholism’), an individual might place him/herself at a considerable risk of suffering from serious bouts of acute liver failure and/or cirrhosis.

This is the reason why every health expert warns against the excesses of alcoholism, since ‘more’ – in the case of assimilating more resveratrol from red wine – certainly amounts to ‘less’ in terms of bolstering one’s overall health. It is far better to obtain this antioxidant compound from health agents; those which are acquired from a reputable nutritional brand.

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