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Guide to finding the Perfect Candles!

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When you head out to buy candles different types of candles might surely confuse you, right? The reason is the many choices. Nowadays, there are choices in candle wax and even, the candle style. Whatever candle style or wax, you choose; you will need to know where you should get your candles.

Did you know now, there are battery operated candles as well? No melted wax or any kind of a mess. There are numerous stores offering candle supplies in Melbourne. You will need to find a good supplier, who has a wide collection of top-notch candles. Next, you will definitely be able to find the candle of your dreams, but for that, you might need some help!  


Buying a candle is no walk in the park. You need to think about what you need and what would suit your space perfectly. This way you will have candles that elevate the event, not deflate it. Here is a simple and effective guide that will help you to choose the perfect candle:

  1. Consider the Available Space: When shopping for candles, you need to give serious thought to what kind of space you have for your candles. If you do not give this consideration, you could end up with excess candles that do not fit your space or worse, with fewer candles, making the décor look minimalistic and incomplete. So, make sure you have considered the amount of space that you have.
  2.  Outdoor or Indoor Event: Think about it! Outdoor events are more unstable, due to the wind element. Will the traditional wax candles work in this environment? For outdoor events, you can always set up the décor using flameless candles. If it is an indoor event, you could go with either. Just make sure that the fan will not be switched on, otherwise, the whole beauty of candles will be ruined. Another possibility is the candles toppling over and starting a fire. Either way, battery operated candles do look to be the better option.
  3. Mix and Match up Candles: Would a single kind of candles look good for your party/event theme, or could a mixed-up batch look good? In a mixed-up batch, candles of different sizes, colors and patterns can be used. This can really set up a unique background for the event.
  4.  The type of Event: What kind of event are you setting up? Is it a family dinner, or a romantic one with your partner? This will help you pick out the candles. If it is a romantic event, then plain and simple candles will not make the cut. Go for a designer or patterned candles and fewer in number for a mellow and romantic approach. Add some warmth to your romantic dinner. Whereas, a family dinner demands more candles. Here you can mix up different kinds of candles and create a perfect backdrop for the family chitchat and fun.  


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Incorporating candles into your event décor is an innovative way of creating a unique party. Remember that candles can also be of lower quality! If the candles are the traditional wax ones, then you need to be extra careful, because if the candles are made from lower grade wax, then the burning fumes can be dangerous for people in the room. This makes it an absolute necessity that you get your candles from trusted sources.

If it is a battery-operated candle, then the risk is of low-quality battery. The candles usually last for a long time, if bought from a reliable store. Otherwise, they could die on you mid-way of the event. Look for candles from trusted sources and you will have a successful event.  

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