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Here’s A List of Websites for Scoring a Bunch of Freebies

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Going to the mall is fun. You get to see all the things you can’t afford or buy because you’re broke. You get to try on clothes and shoes you only dream of wearing. Most of all, you have a chance to taste free samples of desserts and get a tiny version of a product that a brand launched week. You can experience all of these if you’re still in college, unemployed, or visiting a new mall like Ayala Mall Vermosa.

But if you’re just one of those people who like to score free stuff, then you have to read this list. It includes several websites that help you get free items in the mail. The things you get varies from travel-sized beauty products to full- sized ones. Some companies even send out coupons and gift certificates. If you don’t mind getting all of these things, then you should check out this list.

1. Craigslist

Though Craigslist might not have the best reputation, it’s still one of the best places to score free items. Nowadays. freecycling is becoming popular among communities. In freecycling, people are replacing the things they have that is still useful. Instead of the throwing it away, people offer it to the public for free.

2. PINCHme

PINCHme is a free sample program that sends boxes of free samples each month. The box includes different items handpicked for you. The free samples you get depends on the profile you created. Be sure to answer all the questions to increase your chance of getting as many stuff as possible. The brands included in the box hope you try the products and go out to purchase the full-sized one from the stores. Sometimes, you’ll find coupons on the box to encourage you to buy. You also have the chance of completing feedback forms which also helps you get more samples n the future.

3. Influenster

With Influenster, you get more boxes when you’re active on social media. Each box comes with samples, coupons, and a full-sized item. It also features a specific product or follows a theme. To get the boxes, you must write a review of the products you tried. Once the box arrives, you have to accomplish the online tasks. You can get another box in the future when you complete the tasks.

4. Smiley360

Similar to the previous boxes, Smiley360 send out samples and full-sized stuff in exchange for fulfilling their “missions.” A mission is sharing on social media what items you received. Your online profile dictates if you’ll qualify for surveys. Consequently, the survey dictates if you can have a mission. If you accept the mission, you receive a box of items that is yours. You can get more missions when you answer surveys and complete the missions sent to you.

5. BzzAgent

Unlike other websites, BzzAgent requires you to check their website regularly. It helps you find out if there are any surveys available for you to fill out. If you match what they look for, then they send the item to you. After receiving you BzzAgent box, you have a list of tasks to complete. It varies from person to person. Sometimes, it’s telling your friend about the product. Other times, it’s tweeting about it to inform everyone what you think about it.

6. SampleSource

SampleSource is another free sampling program you should check out. It sends out its sample boxes four times a year. They don’t share when they send out their boxes. You have to sign up to get notifications on when you can request a box. The sample boxes have 6 to 12 items inside. You can find an assortment of stuff from cereals to tissues and baby wipes. Unlike other sampling programs, you don’t have to do anything to get a box. You only have to register to their site and ask when is a box available.

If you want to try out different things but have no means to pay for it, then you should try checking these websites. You can have a chance to try various items for free when you sign up to these sites. It’s much better and more accessible than walking around in the mall.

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