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Debunking Misconceptions about Polishing Plaster

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Are you planning on renovations or remodeling your property? Well, have you decided on the wall finish? You could consider using plaster. There are many misconceptions about adding plaster to the walls, which have driven away people from applying plaster to their walls. The truth, in fact, is that it is an amazing addition to your walls.

Many agencies offer polished plaster in London as an option for your walls. If you plan on adding polished plaster, then you will find your property being transformed into something beautiful. Still afraid of the myths that are doing the rounds about polished plaster?


Whenever people think about polished plaster, the disadvantages pop up and put the benefits in the background. This is a major reason for people shying away from using polished plaster. Here are some myths and misconceptions that need to be debunked:

  1.      Polished Plaster Is Expensive: This statement is the half-truth. Adding polished plaster to your walls might cost more than a paint job initially, but have you taken into account the long-term costs? A wall that has been painted will need a re-application every couple of years, but walls that have been beautified with polished plaster are much more durable. Polished plaster, when hardened becomes naturally resistant to mold and bacterial growth. On top of that, the paint does not fade away that easily. Unlike concrete, it does not crack up that easily as well. All of these factors reduce the cost of maintenance significantly in contrast to other wall finishes and make up for the initial cost.                                                     
  2.      Polished Plaster Looks Tacky: Many people have reviewed the polished plaster finish as tacky. Have you yourself seen a wall with polished plaster finish? If you hire professionals and add a polished plaster finish to the walls, it will surely increase the aesthetic value of your property. The textures and colours exude elegance when coupled with appropriate furniture. The professionals will help you choose a perfect look for your walls.                                                    
  3.      Polished Plaster cannot be used in Wet Areas: Polished plaster products are usually quite durable once they harden as they drive out moisture. Just make sure that the plaster has dried completely before turning on the shower or the taps. Once dried, polished plaster becomes quite sturdy and even looks like stone, giving the walls and ceilings an enhanced beautiful look.                                                                                                                                                                              
  4.      Polished Plaster Is Only For Walls: Many people feel that polished plaster can only be applied to the walls. You can apply it to both ceilings and even floor area. The fact that they dry out fast and become hard once dried, makes it perfect for all kinds of surface. It can adhere to most kinds of surface and as it dries out, polished plaster attains durability, similar to stone.                                                                                                                                                                                        
  5.      Limited Styles with Polished Plaster: Polished plaster is one of the oldest techniques, used for wall finish. There are innumerable options. You can combine different textures with varied colours and create a unique space for yourself. When you add polished plaster to your property, you will be faced with a dilemma, due to the innumerable choices.
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Now that all the myths have been debunked, you will be able to see what a great wall finish polished plaster is. It is not only cost-effective in the long run, but also adds uniqueness to your property. You get a wall finish that is minimum maintenance and can even last a lifetime.

Just make sure that you call in the professionals. It can happen at times that you feel like entering the DIY-mode, ut think again. You could end up making disastrous mistakes, which ruin the wall and cost you much more to get fixed. So, it would be beneficial to leave wall finish jobs to professionals, who have the training and expertise to get the job done efficiently. With professional help give your walls, ceilings and even floors a polished plaster finish, which will ultimately prove to be beneficial.

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