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Different Types Of Scaffolding One Should Know Before Hiring Scaffold

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A Scaffold is a temporary and supportive structure that provides support to the construction material and serves as the platform for the workers to work. No matter whatever is the size of the building or whichever is the construction site, the type of scaffold differs and is used differently relating to the purpose for which it is employed. It can be made both of timber and steel and is used differently as per the requirement at the construction site.

Distinct Types Of Scaffold To Know Before You Hire One:

When you hire scaffold, you need to know about its different types and also have a glimpse of how its use and type differs.

#1. Cantilever Scaffold: Cantilever scaffold is one of the types of single frame type in which the main standards are usually supported in a series of the needle-like structure. These are built like an independent frame without having the ground support. These are mainly built on such sites in which the grounds do not have the capacity to withstand the scaffold. Moreover, when the generally upper wall of the building is under construction, these types are preferred.

#2. Suspended Scaffolding: As the name suggests, these types of scaffolds remain suspended through roof using chain and ropes. It is not generally used in during the initial construction phase. One usually hire scaffold of this type when there is the requirement of painting, repair works and so on which can be moved as per the desired level.

#3. Trestle Scaffold: These are composed of movable ladders supported by wheels and are generally used for large areas. For interior finishing as well, small sized trestle scaffold can be hired. Trestle scaffold is used up to the height of 5 m and is mostly used in the repair and finishing of the interior or rooms of the buildings.

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#4. Steel Scaffolding: As the name suggests, steel scaffolding is made up of steel tubes and are joined using steel couplers. These are mainly preferred as it is easy to fix and dismantle and moreover these are fire resistant. For the greater safety of the workers, constructors usually hire scaffold made up of steel equally promoting for its durability.

Hire Scaffold Appropriately For Maximum Support

Scaffolding is the complex structure and a primary support structure of the construction site. Have you ever thought about how quickly construction of huge buildings and skyscrapers are completed? Though it might sound quite eerie the scaffold has a great role in it. Below are some purposes for which scaffolding is used:

  • Construction Sites: In the real estate industry especially the construction, scaffold remains an indispensable tool despite other tools and machinery like cranes, ladders and so on. Other than the ladders and cranes, owners usually hire scaffold because it is much safe, secure and affordable than the former.
  • Cleaning And Renovations: Don’t feel hassled as how the later repairs and renovation would be carried out especially at huge buildings. There are many types of scaffolds that are specially designed for repair and renovation.
  • Events: Decoration and events site would remain incomplete unless you hire scaffold. These are mainly meant for the installation of lightings, camera, and other decorative purposes. These are even used for building ramps at ski events. For stunt drivers, the scaffold construction should be done specifically in order to avoid any accidental damages.
  • Advertising: The advertisement boards which we find in public places are usually supported by the scaffold. These are generally found near the stadiums supporting large pictures or statues of the advertiser.

The scaffold is an essential part of construction for a long time. From now, if you visit any construction site or events have a close look upon the scaffold and know about its structure closely.

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