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Make Your Bathroom Look Elegant With The Shower Screens

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shower screens

What is a Shower Screen?

Shower Screens are basically rectangular frames acting as doors which are usually made of glass installed in the shower area of the bathroom. These are gorgeous looking and they make the bathroom look elegant They change the overall appearance of the bathroom and it definitely gives the users a feeling of comfort and luxury. The price varies mainly according to the design and the type of material used form the manufacture of the bathroom supplies.

Types of Shower Screens

shower screens
shower screens

In the bathroom, the quality is being constantly tested since it is being used more often. The Shower Screens should be durable, stylish and functional at the same time. The product should be selected on the basis of these three functionalities. . Hence, the one who is investing for these screens will definitely look for these features so that these products are capable of providing full value of the money that is invested. The different types of Shower Screens are as mentioned below:

  • Framed Screens – As indicated by the name these are framed screens. In this type, one usually gets two choices to select from. One is the sliding door and the other is the pivot hinged door. The choice of the particular door mainly depends upon the style of the individual. The other important factors are the size of the bathroom, particularly the shower area and the overall layout of the bathroom.
  • Semi-Frameless Screens – These screens have a frame that is continuous which provides solid strength to the screen. The frame also provides a high durability and safety to the screens. The screens are extremely easy to clean and maintain. The glass of the screen is very tough for additional safety and security purpose. Apart from the mentioned features, these are smart looking as well. This provides the ultimate design and sophistication of the bathroom.
  • Frameless Screens – As the name indicated these screens are devoid of frames and are completely frameless. These screens just take the beauty of the shower area in the bathroom to a different level. Its supreme elegance with its smooth clean lines makes it just perfect for the bathroom. The frameless look basically complements the bathroom with any sort of décor that is used. It actually matches with any kind of décor of the bathroom and hence the users find it extremely convenient to use. The clean & seamless glass joints and the fixing points that are invisible are the unique features of these types of Frameless Shower Screens.
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shower screens
shower screens
  • Soft Close Hinge – These screens are ideal for soft closing and most importantly the frameless screens can be upgraded to a soft close hinge screen which is of prime benefit in this case. The hinge is present for the ultimate design and safety purpose. These are available in a polished chrome finish which are not only elegant but also perfectly match with the hardware of the bathroom and hence have the dual advantage.
  • Jett Hardware – This is actually the latest addition to the type of screens and has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times mainly due to its elegance and functionality. These are also frameless in nature and give the most luxurious feel. There are available in different configurations accompanied by simplicity and sophistication at the same time. These are made of toughened glass and hence strong and durable.

Thus, it is clear that the Shower Screens are used in the shower area of the bathroom to give a gorgeous look to the shower area and as well as the bathroom apart from giving a feel of superiority in the bathroom.

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