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Natural Remedies for Blocked Drains

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When a plumbing system breaks down, it is important to take preventive measures as soon as possible as any problem in the same can cause discomfort and damage to the household. That is why it is very important to ensure that the system is working properly at all times and there is no blockage in the drain pipe. However, it is not always possible to avoid future problems. Here are some ways to deal with this problem.

Drains are the means of transporting dirty water out of the house. When the pipes which are placed to do so get blocked due to one reason or another, the outflow of water from that particular pipe either decreases or stops altogether. In this case, there are many issues that can occur. In the normal case, a certain section of your house might get flooded, which can be taken care of. In a little worse scenario, your house many get some permanent damage due to the blockage being left untreated. It can lead to the foundation of your house or the building becoming weak. And in the worst-case scenario, the pipe might break causing a lot of water to erupt out of it and causing all kind of havoc to the place.

In case of a blocked drain, there are many natural remedies that one can try to stop any more damage from happening until the professional arrives. These measures to help loosen the blocked drains are listed below.

Blocked Drains
Blocked Drains
  1. Hot or boiling water: If the blockage is caused by food particle or other mild but soft things, hot water can do the trick. It will loosen the material that is blocking the pipeline, ultimately causing blockage to be removed.
  2. Pipe cleaner at home: Another thing that you can do is add vinegar and baking powder to the drain. Firstly, pour the baking powder and then add the vinegar, this would create a chemical reaction that would give rise to oxygen which will help remove the blockage.
  3. Caustic cleaner: There are many chemicals available in the market that can be purchased. But caustic cleaners are some of the most efficient cleaners to get rid of grease, hair or other blockages as such. Though, they are a little difficult to use as due precautions should be taken and if you are an environment lover, then you would not opt for it as it causes harm to nature and hence the usage of this product should be as little as possible.
  4. Plungers: This method is especially useful in case of solid material causing the blocked drains. A plunger should be sealed tightly over the blocked drain and then strong up and down movements to release the solid should be made. This would give best results in case of hard blockages but would fail in case of blocked drains caused by hair or mineral deposits.
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All these methods are useful if the blockage is not severe. And even if you successfully get rid of blocked drains for a little while, it does not mean that it might not come back. First, try to tackle the cause of the problem and ensure that human error does not cause this problem ever again.

Also, if you are unable to deal with it well, call a plumber who would be able to get the work done in much less time and with more efficiency. A plumber would know exactly to look for and how to remove the problem completely rather than coming with a just for the time solution.

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