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Things to Consider Before Choosing Commercial Flooring

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If you are on this page, then you are probably looking for details of commercial flooring contractors or options. Well before that, you should attain some information about the industry. The industry of commercial flooring is thriving for over the past years encompassing the new emerging trends and latest designs. Before we talk about what you should consider prior to choosing commercial flooring contractors. We should know what commercial flooring all about. So here we go.

What is commercial flooring?

Well in simple words commercial flooring is a false flooring. The materials that are used to make this floor may laminate wood, hardwood, solid wood or sometimes the floor is made with vinyl composite titles. Commercial flooring is prevalently used in offices, hotels, restaurants and retail shops for decorative purposes.  So, if you want to consider commercial flooring for your office or hotel or any other purposes then you must know the pros and cons of commercial flooring and how to deal with the commercial flooring contractors.

Types of Floors Commercial Flooring Contractors Help to Attain: Pros and Cons

There are six types of commercial flooring are popular right now in the market. The commercial flooring contractors also typically offer these six kinds of commercial flooring options.

#1. Laminate wood Flooring:  Amongst all laminate wood flooring is the most popular choice. It is very user-friendly and easy to install. This makes it more popular than other choices. Another additional benefit also includes its durability and hygienic quality. The laminate wood flooring is made of composite wood which makes it durable and cost-effective as well. This kind of flooring is found usually in LEED certified buildings.

#2. Hardwood Flooring: This is specially engineered hardwood flooring is popular among commercial flooring contractors as this floor is cheap and the installation process is also easy. This kind of flooring also provides a range of colors and gives an elegant look to the overall design. The hardwood flooring is also environmentally friendly too.

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#3. Solid Wood Flooring:  Solid wood flooring is not commonly used.  This type of floor is not a good choice for commercial flooring as the installation process is time-consuming as well as costly.  But if you are looking for a floor with high durability than Solid wood flooring is worth.  This type of floor is it more durable in comparison to the other types of commercial flooring available.

#4. Vinyl composite Tiles:  These tiles are popular for its durability in commercial flooring usage.  Vinyl composite tile or shortly known as VCT is also very easily replaceable. Any damaged tiles can be easily replaced in a minimal time period. But there is one drawback that, when the glue is worn out, the tiles come loose. But the ease of installation and cost effectivity makes it a popular choice among commercial flooring contractors.

#5. Luxury Vinyl Tile: As the name suggests the luxury vinyl tiles are used for the luxurious purpose. The mimic look of original products such as wood or marble makes it pricier. It looks great and also as considerable durability. 100% Vinyl is used compared to VCT. Maintenance of luxury vinyl tiles is not expensive. This is why Luxury vinyl tile is great for commercial purpose.

#6. Modular carpet tile:  Lastly come to the modular carpet tiles, it is also a considerable choice for commercial flooring. Modular carpet tile offers more variety in the commercial flooring option. It is also easily applicable and low cost.

There are many other commercial flooring options in the market.  Amongst them these are the most popular ones. Hope this article will help you make a decision on your purchase on commercial flooring. In addition, before you plan to install commercial flooring it is better to do a small retrench on the commercial flooring contractors that you are going to hire. In this you’ll get to know about their service quality as well as if they are able to complete the installation process son time.

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