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Top Tips to Repair the Gas Water Heater

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People who live in the mountainous area or cold region usually face many temperature related problems. Cold shower in the morning is the last thing that they would want. Therefore, the gas water heater is frequently used to get necessary water for bathing, washing dishes, etc. Due to excessive use, they require repairs. For this, you can call the handy man to repair the device or try DIY technique to make the heater running. Here are some of the tips that would help to accomplish the task.

Typical Problems:

Some of the typical problems include not enough hot water or no hot water in the heater. In some instance, people find that the hot water light is not powered up. The heater malfunctions and stops working right in the middle of the winter chill. In such cases, one should identify the problem. It is important to find the cause as the diagnosis process could help to effectively launch the treatment.

Turning on The Heater:

If the operator is lax, the chances are that the heater is not turned on. Therefore, make sure to switch on the button. You should move the gas knob to prevent the burner from the ignition and subsequent accident. It is vital to remove the metal cover from the bottom of the water heater in order to open up the device for checking the fault. One should check whether the ignition light is working.

Pilot Light Is Not Lit Properly:

If the pilot light is not lit properly, it is important to follow the instructions given on the manual to correct the defects. In some cases, the gas inlet valve is partially closed resulting in the light being switched off. You can turn the handles in a direction parallel to the line to fix the alignment issue of the pilot. There are instances where one finds that the thermocouple is defective. It occurs due to continuous usage of the heater in low-temperature conditions.

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In short, numerous reasons can cause the problem to the gas light. Therefore, separating the problem is the primary task for the customers to launch the troubleshooting process.

Defective Burner:

Gas burner wears out over time and does not serve the purpose for a very long period of time if not maintained well.  You should replace the cover to increase the temperature of the thermostat to 120 degrees. For proper adjustment, one should turn the faucets on. You can wait for some time to ignite the burner. If the functionality does not kick in, you should leave the hot water running. Later on, it is possible to increase the temperature in order to analyze the effect.

If you are not able to resolve the problem on your own, contact the manufacturer for replacing the defective parts. Some time thermostat becomes faulty and needs immediate assistance from the qualified technical support.

Gas Leakage:

Customers should also look for gas leakage in order to arrive at the best possible solution. In fact, if you notice garlic smell, it is time to immediately turn the valve off. Gas leakage can create lots of problems for the users. Lighting a match stick in the ambience could lead to the outbreak of fire inside the house.

Therefore, one should be extra vigilant while performing the troubleshooting process on the gas heater.

If the hot water is not coming out of the heater, check whether you have upgraded the water tub in the bathroom. It could be that the requirement of the hot water has increased and a bigger heater is required to accomplish the task.

If the faucet is situated at a long distance, do not worry but try to shift its location near the gas water heater.

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