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What is Maximalism and Why is it Becoming a Trend

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The minimalist era is slowly fading away. And so are the people who stick to this design style. Just like how art revolutions have come and gone in the past, there is already something that is quickly replacing minimalism as the go-to design trend.

Maximalism is the complete opposite of minimalism in all forms of design and art.

If you’re looking for a design style for your new san juan townhouse or anywhere you’d call home, maybe you should throw out the minimalist norm and embrace the maximalist mindset that has become such a trend among designers and artists alike.

What is Maximalism?

In terms of multimedia, particularly in design, maximalism is a recent revolution that is known for its richness. It is often punctuated with bright colors, enhanced with a sense of luxury and an abundance of other, practical elements.

As mentioned above, maximalism is the opposite of minimalism. Maximalism turns away from the famous minimalist mindset of less is more. an interesting fact about maximalism is that it has been around for the past 10 years, as some designers have already begun to fuse over-saturated colors with an overstated and decorative aesthetic. But of course, since minimalism was the prominent design style at the time, there were very few people who embraced the idea.

The maximalist’s “more is more” philosophy has attracted a lot of up and coming designers, using the design style to enhance their already lively designs even further.

Why is Maximalism Becoming a Trend?

One of the biggest reasons why Maximalism is slowly taking over the design industry is because of how people nowadays are in love with expressing themselves. And where minimalist constrain themselves from expressing too much, maximalist go all out in showing off their inner design ideas. Since maximalism basically allows excessive decorations and a mix of powerful, vibrant colors and lavish décor, it brings no limits to designers.


Another reason why maximalism is rising is because of how designers can craft amazing stories just by fusing colors, furniture and other decorations in a room. Instead of limiting oneself to emphasizing a certain part of a room, maximalists use it as a canvas, where they can create masterpieces with a story to tell.

The world has reached the point in which conforming with the norm is no longer a choice that the majority of people do. Everyone wants to be known as someone entirely unique. Gone are the days when people would choose to only follow in the footsteps of their parents or aim to be just like a famous person. What people want the most right now is to be remembered as someone special.

and one way of expressing themselves, of showing off the greatness of their personalities, would be my embracing maximalism in their lives.

Key Takeaway

When it comes to designing your own san juan townhouse, condominium, or house, you don’t need to settle with a minimalist design that shows finesse and elegance. Sometimes when it comes to personal expression, embracing the life of a maximalist is what should be done.

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