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10 Ideas to Celebrate a Wedding Anniversary

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The date when we became engaged is one of the data that almost all women have in mind but sometimes, we may be short of ideas or budget to organize something.

That is why we share some ideas to celebrate a wedding anniversary because we are convinced that it does not require a lot of money to tell you how much we love you.

  1. A time capsule of your relationship

Budget: Low – Medium

In a glass jar or a metal, chest keeps some of the most significant objects of their relationship. They can be letters, photos, conversations, Unique Anniversary gifts, stuffed animals, they can be one for each year that they take together or those that are the most precious for both of you and define the moment in which they are, as well as a list of what they want to achieve together and where they are going as a couple. Schedule to open it in 5 years and relive the moment.

  1. Visit a place out of the ordinary

Budget: Low – Medium – High

From going to an amusement park, going to a museum, a tour on turibus, a stadium, a concert or a play. Go to a place to break the routine and spend a pleasant moment. You do not need to spend a lot, just a good plan and a lot of love.

  1. A romantic getaway to a nearby destination

Budget: Medium-High

Choose a nearby destination that you can meet on a romantic weekend. Do not tell him where they are going, let it be a surprise and prepare the details for a getaway with your sweetheart.

  1. Return the time to when they met

Budget: Low – Medium

Organize the first-second appointment. They relive the emotion of a first encounter, the nerves, and the emotion of seeing each other. Recreate that magical atmosphere that made them fall in love and see how much they have grown since they are together and define the destination where they are going as a couple.

  1. Parachute jumping

Budget: High

If your hit is strong emotions, jumping on parachutes is for you. Get organized to meet this challenge and winnow from 9 thousand feet. It is an experience you will not forget. You may organize it between friends or you two alone.

  1. A hot air balloon ride
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Budget: High

Few things as romantic as a balloon ride. Can you imagine watching the sunset from there and tell him how much you love him? Check the prices and according to the experience you want, organize an appointment in the heights. From the df, there are incredible packages in Teotihuacán or in Hidalgo.

  1. A love rally

Budget: Low – Medium

Dedicate part of your anniversary day to a rally for him. Let your clues be questions about their history together, take them throughout the city remembering the most significant moments of their relationship and in the end, the prize or place where to go is a romantic dinner just for the two of you. Would not you like it?

  1. Book a couple spa days

Budget: Medium-High

Book a spa in a spa where you can pamper and pamper them. Take advantage of the time together in a whirlpool tub or a session of hot stones. Not only your partner will thank you, also your back.

  1. A blanket message

Budget: Low – Medium

Can you imagine that on the day of your anniversary, when you are on your way to work, you can surprise him with a giant blanket by telling him how much you love him? Buy a blanket and print it on vinyl and at a traffic light that you know is going to stop open the blanket and tell him how much you want it. Of course, make sure you go through there.

  1. Fulfil a sexual fantasy

Budget: Medium-High

Find out what sexual fantasy he wants to fulfil and, if possible, fulfil the fantasy of both in a single day. Reserve a hotel room, buy candles, a red wine and get ready for the sexiest night of your life.

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