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How to Attach Patches on Leather Jacket

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If you want your leather jacket to be prominent from the rest embellished patch is a great way. You can always attach patches on your leather jacket by yourself. If you want to sew patches on many leather jackets or you want to start a business, investing in the machine specifically designed for sewing leather is not a bad decision. You can even start your very own business of custom leather jackets for men.

Hand Sewing

Stick Tape on Back Side of Patch
You can make a loop of tape and stick it on a back side of your desired patch. By doing this your patch will stay in one place while sewing. You can always remove tape whenever you want. Double-sided tape is not so easy to remove. You can use masking or scotch tape for doing this job.

Place Patch on your Desired Location
You can place patch where ever you want, you have to wait for a small number of seconds if you are using adhesive spray.

Unstitch Gap If Required
If your jacket has lining you can use a seam ripper to unfasten stitching so that your hand can fit effortlessly and you can sew your patch easily.

Use Matching Thread
Always use matching thread that matches with the border of your patch. Always use pure polyester or nylon thread. Always use needles that are specific for sewing leathers.

Push Needle through Leather and Then into Patch
Always use needle inside embellished edge of the patch. Always start from the corner. As leather needles are intended to penetrate leathers so do not forget to use a thimble.

Stitch by Whip Stitching
Put the needle on a crest of the leather and right subsequently to the outside edging of the patch. Thrust the needle back throughout the leather, and then drag on it to stiffen the stitch. You have immediately accomplished your very first whipstitch. You can also make a running stitch as a substitute by bringing the needle back down through the patch, just surrounded by the border. Whether you choose a running stitch or a whipstitch is up to you. Whipstitch may be noticeable on the border, but a running stitch may be visible within the border.

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Sew Around the Patch
If you are using adhesive spray skip this step. Always use small, close and tight stitches.

Knot Thread Under Leather
Always make final stitch within of your leather jacket. Always bind thread steadily. Cut last part of thread as close as possible.

Use Machine for Sewing Leather

Use Machine Specific for Leather
You can use a machine designed specifically for leather or you can also use heavy duty machine. Standard machines are not capable of sewing leather.

Use Adhesive Spray
Shake the spray and hold it away from the back of patch for about 4-6 inches, always apply the very little spray, never overdo it. Use can also use a glue stick if you cannot find adhesive spray. Sewing pins can leave an everlasting hole behind.

Place Patch on your Desired Location
Always check the label of spray can to see if you have to wait after spraying or not. Place Patch on your Desired Location. Use seaming point as a suggestion.

Start From Corner
Stitch as close as feasible to the embellished edge on your patch. Gradually go about a curve. When you strike a corner or an angel, thrust the needle along, lifts the foot, and rotates the vest. Push the foot back down before you continue sewing. If your jacket is lined, confirm that you flat the lining out first.

Overlap First Stitch and Last Stitch
When you get to the point from where you have started, sew for another 1 inch, by doing this you’re last and the first end of sewing will overlap and do not unravel. In this way, you do not have to backstitch.

Cutting the Thread
Raise needle out of your jacket if required and pull up the foot. Slowly slide leather jacket from under of the foot and cut the thread as close as likely to the patch and lining.

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