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Tips for Fashion Savvy Men: How to Care for Your Clothing

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The clothing that you buy costs you a serious portion of your hard-earned money if you shop for fine garments that are made to last. So if you’re going to shop for the best, shouldn’t you take care of your clothes in the best way possible?

Many men attempt to, but caring for your clothing isn’t something that just happens. Use this quick guide to learn more about caring for the investment you’ve made in your wardrobe.

Stop Using Free Hangers

Wire hangers certainly are cheap. In fact, if you take your clothes to the dry cleaners, they probably come back with your shirts, pants, suits and slacks free of charge. Unfortunately, they might be costing you more than you think.

Wire hangers can put odd creases in your clothes, stretch refined fit sweaters and jackets and give your clothes a lived-in appearance before you’ve had a chance to live in them. Upgrade to luxury hangers that are purpose-specific like Butler Luxury Hangers.

Butler Luxury hangers offers well-made hangers for dress shirts, suits, slacks and more so your wardrobe can stay in tip-top shape.

Try Hand Washing Your Denim

For many men, fine clothing isn’t just about suits and ties. High-quality, designer, imported and raw denim can cost you a pretty penny. You might not mind spending the dough, but don’t you want those jeans to last a while? To reduce wear and tear on your favorite jeans, try hand washing them for a change.

Can’t be bothered to hand wash? Put your favorite jeans in the washing machine on the no spin cycle alone – not with other pieces of clothing. Then hang them to dry naturally on one of your quality luxury hangers. As an added benefit, you won’t change the shape of your worn-in jeans too much when you wash them this way.

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Get Your Clothes Dry Cleaned

We’ve all got that suit that sits there on the hanger or the candy stripe dress shirt that never gets worn even though it was bought with the best of intentions. To keep those clothes fresh for their big moment, get them dry cleaned once in a while even if they haven’t been worn.

How often should you dry clean clothes that don’t make your normal rotation? About once every six months will keep them fresh and ready for action.

Caring for men’s clothes isn’t rocket science, and with a little bit of effort, you can help your wardrobe last and look its best for years to come. Add some quality hangers, wash your clothes properly and make friends with the dry cleaner. It really is that simple when it comes to most of your day-to-day garments!

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