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A Checklist for a Winter Vacation In The Hamptons

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Visiting The Hamptons during the winter can be a wonderful way to unwind and distress. During the winter, nearly all the roads are free of cars and the links lay quiet. Winter is the time when you can enjoy taking a tranquil walk on the beautiful pristine beach. The winter is also the time with you can walk into any trendy restaurant without the need for a reservation. This is winter in the Hamptons and the peace and tranquillity one experiences during this season are the reason why many people choose this destination for their winter vacation.

Winter at the Hamptons is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds with so many best places to stay in the Hamptons remaining open year-round. Not just popular eateries, but even an increasing number of condos with high-end facilities are available due to the year-round popularity. This, in turn, is attracting people from all across the globe.

If you get the chance to visit The Hamptons you would understand why it is a great place for people to hang out. It is not just a great place to spend time relaxing, this is the place where live music events, parades, and other gala events are organized. The atmosphere is abuzz with the energy and enthusiasm of vacationers and entertainers alike.

Most people are in the process of rediscovering The Hamptons. Many people find the drive from Manhattan to South Fork pleasurable and not to be missed. Calmness is another thing that people can experience here. Moreover, kids can have a gala time making snowmen and playing in the snow. A vacation with your pets is less of a hassle because nearly all the roads are empty and clean, with open space all around. So many East Hampton Hotels options are affordable during the off-season.

There are many things to do when planning a visit to The Hamptons in the winter. Here is our pick to help you decide how to have the best time of your life while vacationing in The Hamptons, especially during the winter.

Visit County Parks and Preserves

Although winter is the time when most people prefer to stay indoors, spending holidays locked up in a hotel never makes it to the top of anyone’s wish list. The Hamptons is home to some very well maintained county parks and preserves that have not only have hiking trails but biking and skiing trails that go through meadows, woodland, salt marshes and rocky shoreline. Some of these trails are also accessible by wheel chairs as well. Vacationers will find much to marvel at while visiting these county parks and preserves.

Ride a bike along the beach

Winter is surely the best time to bask on an amazingly scenic beach with a view of the vast ocean alongside the bay. With clear roads at your disposal, you can enjoy a bike ride with great ease and soak up the incredible view of the ocean.

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Ice Skating is a cool idea. So is playing tennis indoors

While in The Hamptons, head down to the Town Pond when it is cold enough to skate outdoors. The Hamptons is also home to the Southampton Ice Rink and the Buckskill Winter Club where you can ice skate to your heart’s content or enjoy a game of tennis indoors.

Historic Montauk Lighthouse is an amazing place to visit

If you want to go back in history to know more about the region then Montauk Lighthouse is a place to be since it is among the oldest lighthouses with a perfect view of the surrounding area.

Gingerbread University would surprise you with its charm

This is a full-on family place to visit with your loved ones and will probably prove to be a pleasant surprise when it comes to celebrating Winters at the Hamptons. Here you can take lessons on how to make your own Gingerbread House in no time. A visit to the Gingerbread would leave you more confident about making your very own Gingerbread House.

Guild Hall Museum is another great place to visit

The museum hosts everything for the community with musical performances and lots more. Visit the Guild Hall museum to witness performing arts, creativity, and visual treats at their best.

East Hampton Library holds workshops

This library is a fun-filled place to be because there is more going on here than meet the eye. The library hosts so many activities all year round for everyone from toddlers to adults. Ranges of special events comprising of author nights, book clubs, printing workshops, game nights, and much more are organized on a regular basis. Did we mention that the East Hampton Library is near to all the good East Hampton NY Hotels?

The Hamptons is a Wonderful Choice for Winters

Winter is incomplete if you do not have enough things to keep you occupied. Add rhythm to your holidays by getting an experience of every small event or happening in the city. With parties, music, competitions, and shows all around, The Hamptons can be the very best place to visit during the chilling winters.

The best thing about the winter is that days are shorter and nights are longer. As the wind gets chillier, the tempo increases rapidly adding to the fun and excitement. Such an environment has delightful romantic vibes that are simply hard to resist.

Most of the best places to stay in the Hamptons have a lot of great history associated with them. Here is where you can interact with a host of writers and artists who are greatly inspired and have ample time on hand to accomplish their creations. You can even join a community filled with creative people to have a healthy discussion on the scenario of art on a world level. So why sit at home, where there is a whole new world to explore!

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