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Best Garden Hose Reels For Your Green Garden

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It’s a fact that Garden Hose Reels vary in many aspects. There are certain types of Garden Hose Reels that have some general drawbacks that I think you should be aware of. I want to bring these points to your attention because it will help you better find the Garden Hose Reel that’s right for you. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a Garden Hose Reel that doesn’t work the way you thought it would. Most of the time we just “deal with it,” but you don’t have to.

Hose Reels Features

The Garden Hose Reel has to be user friendly and the functionality of it is crucial. Most customers are drawn to certain kinds of Garden Hose Reels because the housing looks pretty. Although the outer housing is important, the inner housing is just as important. If you prefer that your hose be camouflaged then a creative wheel is recommended for your needs. There are some really neat designs that do an excellent job of making your Garden Hose Reel covert but are not the easiest to move. Unless you plan on buying a wall mounted Garden Hose Reel, mobility is very important to consider, even if you are moving it from the front to the back yard.

What to Look!

best Garden Hose Reels

Some Best Garden Hose Reels are not advisable because they are not user friendly. The cranking mechanism is where this can be especially noticeable. Some units require that you lay out the hose in a straight line before rolling it up. This can be very frustrating and a pain in the butt. There are Garden Hose Reels that sport an automatic hose re-tractor and these are really nice. These units can get some getting used to but once you find the grove they are a wonderful piece of machinery and well worth every penny.

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We talked about the portability of your Garden Hose Reel earlier and I want to touch upon it again because it is so important. Even if you opt for the wall unit it’s important that you get one that is easy to remove for the harsh seasons. Removal of your Garden Hose Reel and attachments during the tougher months will increase the life of your Garden Hose Reel. This is why we think permanent attachments are not a very good option.

Not many Garden Hose Reels are open to any real modification. This could deter the person who likes to add certain features to fit their needs. Believe it or not, some people like to attach sinks and even cabinets to their Garden Hose Reel. To each their own. There are many variations in today’s day in age if you’re looking for a custom Garden Hose Reel. There are so many different models to choose from you won’t have a problem filling your needs. However, I do not think they produce ones with sinks attached to them.

In a Short!

Finally there are reels that are made out of less durable materials than steel or aluminum. Make sure you stay away from Garden Hose Reels that are made from plastic. Although plastic has come a long way in the last 15 years, it still does not compare to a steel or aluminum Garden Hose Reel. If you must buy a reel that is made out of plastic, make sure you choose the resin plastic reel because it is the strongest.

If you cannot physically see demo units at the local hardware store then look online for reviews.  Aside from reviews, the best recommendation is from a person who actually owns the best garden hose reels you like.

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