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Smart Android Monitoring App for Parenting

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Digital parenting has got the importance over the last few years with the rise and rise in the Android phone technology worldwide. Now you can see everyone has owned the smartphones devices running with different operating systems such as Android. Young kids and teens are undoubtedly the most regular users of the cell phones connected to the internet.

On the other hand, young teenagers are the most affected community of all time when it comes to digital dangers such as cyber bullying, cyber stalking, sexual predator and bad habits of sexting, self –obscenity, carnal content, sharing of compromised snaps on instant messaging apps and last but not the least health issues due to excessive use of cell phones and social media. Android technology has provided people such a cheap technology that has gone viral in real –life, especially among the youth.

Why has parenting become a headache for parents?

Having said that, the digital world is full of vulnerabilities for kids and teens and the use of internet via android mobile phones has put children in more trouble. However, most of the parents are unaware of the fact that digital predators existed and they can harm young kids and teens to the fullest and in case they have come to know about the dangers they don’t know how to deal with for effective digital parenting. Then how parents will get to know what their children are doing on their cell phones via text messages, chat conversations, audio, and video conversations, share media files and through WhatsApp and Facebook Voice messages. All these services are free from having installed social media apps on the Android mobile phones.

What should parent do digital parenting?

First and foremost parents have to be tech-savvy and once they have got to know about the use of digital world via android cell phones connected to the internet. They have to use the technology against the technology I mean they just need to use smart  android monitoring app for parenting. It will help out parents to monitor target cell phones of android and they will easily get to know all the activities of kids and teens they continuously bringing children closer to the online vulnerabilities. However, they will also be able to stop their kids instantly if they are doing something dangerous such as interaction with the cyber predators, sharing their privacy with the strangers or accessing carnal content on the Android device installed browsers such as Google Chrome and others.

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Use Android spy app tools for parenting

Parents just need to install the android surveillance app for android on kids and teens cell phone. Once they have installed it successfully, then they can use plenty of android spy tools that can enable parents to perform digital parenting with great accuracy and sheer power. They can use call monitoring to listen and record the live phone calls and get to who kids and teens are talking on the android phones. Further, they can save the recorded calls data to the online control panel of the best android tracking app. However, parents can remotely view logs of all the trendy social messaging apps such as text messages, chat conversations, audio, and video conversations, shared videos and photos and sent WhatsApp Voice messages and Facebook Voice calls.

Moreover, Parents can view and read text messages such as SMS, MMS and heads up tickers notification using text messages spy owned by smart cell phone spy app for androids. Parents can remotely control the android cell phone of their children with the help of the android remote controller. This will help you out to remotely view installed apps, remote start or pause the application, block text messages, block incoming calls of the strangers and even you can block internet on the target Android mobile phone remotely.

This will help out user to stop all the activities that kids and teens are doing on the mobile phone, social media apps and others. Parents can also use live screen recording tool on the android phone and can make back to back short videos of the screen and then send to the online control panel. This will enable parents to screen recording of all the trendy social media apps such as Facebook live screen recording, WhatsApp live screen recording, Yahoo live screen recording and many others alike. However, parents can use it for password chaser, chrome screen recording, SMS screen recording, email screen recording and YouTube screen recording.

However, if teens are planning for blind dating, then parents can use GPS location tracker of android surveillance software for current and exact location along with the location history and can mark safe and dangerous areas for teens.


Parents just need to use the smart spy app for android that will help out parents to monitor kids and teens online activities and parents will be satisfied about their parenting responsibilities.

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