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Why a school bus tracking system without apps is pointless?

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As parents, all of us are concerned about our kid’s safety and their well being. We would like to keep a track of our child not only when we are with them, but also when they are out of our sight.

A school is a place where our child spends most of his/her time. In our busy schedule, it is not always possible for us to accompany our child to his school. That’s when the school bus comes into the picture.

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The school bus ensures that our kids reach safely to their schools. What better way can it be if we could monitor the school bus and find out where our kids are at any point of time, whether they are reaching the school on time, whether they are stuck somewhere or get alerted in case of some emergency?

Technology has given a solution to this problem in the form of School Bus GPS tracking or a fleet tracking system, which tracks a school bus in real-time. This way schools and parents can ensure the protection of their children.

How does the GPS School Bus Tracking System Work?

The GPS (Global Positioning System) trackers are now a standard most school buses follow. Here a GPS system is installed on a school vehicle. The signals coming out from the vehicles are routed to an integrated central server for real-time monitoring. Information from the server can be transmitted via SMS alerts and emails, or can be checked on the web or using mobile apps.

This allows you to see where the bus is and how close it is to your home

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How does School Bus GPS Tracking help?

There are companies providing school bus fleets for schools. These agencies are responsible for the safety of the buses and their upkeep. Through GPS trackers installed on each bus they own, they can keep an eye over where their buses are.

Parents can call bus dispatching company and get detailed info regarding arrival times. But fleet tracking solutions have a problem. They cannot provide real-time coverage to parents and school officials. This is where specialized school bus location sharing services are very helpful.

With specialized apps, parents can know about their child’s activity. These apps and services are not limited to provide information just to parents, they also help school administrators and bus companies to improve safety of students and provide better service.

Once a school bus fleet is equipped with GPS devices, schools can purchase different school bus location sharing apps and services. The pairing of the GPS location sharing services with the GPS devices installed inside vehicles, provide for real-time tracking of the vehicles on maps. They provide email and push notifications, mobile apps for parents to know when the bus will arrive. Tracking of students is done as they enter and leave the bus via RFID and barcode readers.

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Save on costs

GPS tracking can drastically cut costs in every aspect. First of all, you can track the exact route the bus takes each day and possibly map out a more time efficient route. By doing so, you will cut on fuel costs, which is a major benefit ,given the steady rise in fuel costs in the last few years.

Service provided by School

Parents no longer require to call the school to check on the status of their children’s bus. With GPS tracking, schools can now show their commitment towards the safety of the students.

Safety For Your Children

No longer will your child have to wait in the dark, freezing temperatures, pouring rain or hot sun.  Equipped with a bus tracking app, the parents will know when their child’s bus is arriving, reducing the time their children spend standing by the side of the road.

Savings For Your School

Every school has Transport Managers who regularly communicate with school bus drivers and overlook the child’s arrival and departure from the school. With the help of a tracking software, It is easy on part of the transport managers to keep a close watch on the children. There are fewer missed pickups, or delays, which means routes are run quicker, burning less fuel.

Solving Driver issues

At times traffic accidents are unavoidable. However, in some situations the accidents are caused by a driver being reckless, distracted or in a hurry. With a little monitoring, these types of accidents can be greatly reduced.

It’s a known fact that when people are being watched, their behaviors tend to improve. Similarly when drivers are monitored with a tracking system, they will try to stay more within the speed limit and pay closer attention to the road and the surrounding vehicles. This is not only beneficial to the parents, but also lessen the frequency and costs associated with traffic accidents. You can also monitor driver habits such as speed, wait times and unscheduled breaks. With this information at your fingertips, you can effectively lower labor costs by improving driver habits and also solve time disputes with them.

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Detailed Record Keeping School Bus Driver

Every businessman wants to keep a proactive approach, when it comes to his company’s finances. He wants to ensure that time is not being wasted and that the funds are being allocated properly. This stands true for school buses as well.

With GPS tracking, the owner is able to obtain an accurate report that shows daily routes, exact mileage and the total hours run by each driver. Therefore, for any questions or concerns either the school or the owner may have regarding billing or performance, they will have the exact information they need.

With so many benefits the school, the fleet management company and the parents get by installing a school bus tracking system, not having a tracking system is pointless and leads to unnecessary worries.


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