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Purchase Low Mileage Auto Insurance Consciously

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One type of lucky driver in the general driver public is one who clocks low to very low mileage. Clocking lower mileage assumes greater significance when it comes to purchasing car insurance. Commuters changing over to far less driving should immediately think of low mileage auto insurance to bring down car insurance costs.

Have Low Mileage? You May Qualify for a Car Insurance Discount

If you have been clocking low mileage on your car but still paying hefty payments, you are doing something wrong. Drivers with low mileage are the lucky ones as far purchasing cheap car insurance is concerned. Irrespective of other factors like residence and make and model, these drivers can enjoy lower premiums due to low mileage auto insurance. Discounts are a funny category. Service providers do not make a hue and cry about giving out reward points and discounts. People, who do not ask for something, seldom get it, except if they have just spent too long a time yearning for it.

According Princeton Survey Research Associates International study, just 16 percent of Americans ask their car insurance provider for common discounts. This translates into millions of Americans leaving millions of dollars in potential saving on the table. Most service providers do not think much about handing out discounts over bundling several policies. They may be generous about doling out loyalty points too. However, there are some discounts that drivers need to pursue and ask for being accepted. If you are serious about enjoying car insurance low mileage just think about this.

  • Having no commute or a short commute
  • Paying your renewal bill in advance
  • Having a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Working in some types of jobs, such as teachers and police officers
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Low mileage is one of the most common discounts

It is a fact that millions of American drivers miss out on their low deposit on auto insurance. They fail to use it as an important and necessary low-mileage price break. Car owners, car drivers moving to the suburbs or to an apartment close to work may be driving drastically less miles.

Quadrant Information Services found in a mileage study that drivers with less than 5000 miles a year pay 8.4 per cent lesser amount premiums than others who drive more than that. The average American approx. more than 13,476 miles a year. The US department of transportation points out this fact for drivers with low mileage.

Big savings in other states

Low-mileage drivers in California are among the biggest winners. States like Washington, D.C., Alaska, Alabama and Hawaii have drivers with greatest savings of 10 per cent or more on their car insurance premiums.

On the other hand, states like North Carolina, Utah, Texas, Connecticut and Rhode Island have drivers who are not even lucky enough to enjoy 3 percent savings on their car insurance premiums.

More miles, more accidents

The prospect of auto insurance discounts for low mileage drivers is definitely a game changer. Auto insurance companies increase premiums for those who drive more with a valid reasoning. Driving more miles in a given time, like a day, week, month or a year, automatically translates into spending more time on the road. Risks escalate and accidents chances increase exponentially. So, if you are or have suddenly become a driver with significantly lower mileage you are one lucky driver.

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