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What if I’m not happy with the repairs, Ways to deal with badly done repairs:

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Car repairs, motor repairs and repairs of any kind to anything can either be as per your needs or can go horribly wrong. However, when you need the best results, you should know what to do when you face a situation what if I’m not happy with the repairs?

what if I’m not happy with the repairs

Now, the problems can be of any kind, moderate to worse. Here is a comprehensive list of some of the most horrible experience that a person may face when they get their cars fixed on their own or through the insurer:

Overpriced repairs:

This is one of those concerns that can give rise to the question, what if I’m not happy with the repairs. Below are what  it can entail:

  • The insurer gave you an estimate, but the actual bill was higher than what was to be the price.
  • The repair shop had agreed on a price and had given a maximum price, but billed you a bill for even more than the maximum price.
  • The shop charged you for repairs that you did not even ask for.

In such cases, to get out of the what if I’m not happy with the repairs the situation, you can talk to the repair shop owners and try to fix the issues. If that does not work out, you can sue them and let the courthouse decide what to do.

Bad repairs:

In some cases, the issue that makes you go through what if I’m not happy with the repairs scenarios to arise with bad repairs. Sometimes you may even get stuck with bad parts. This may happen when:

  • Your vehicle does not move or work as it should.
  • The lights simply don’t work even after being to the repair shop.
  • Your car makes weird noises and sounds.
  • There is leakage of fluids.
  • Some parts are missing or appear to be abused after the repairs.
  • There is no warranty.
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If you are stuck in a situation that entailed any of the above, the first step should be to go back to the repair shop. If everything is covered under warranty, then you have nothing to worry about.

However, in the case of there being no warranty, you should always try to talk to the repair shop first. Try to fix the issue. And if that fails, you can simply write a complaint letter and speak to the professionals of the repairs shop. However, if all of that does not work out, your only way out is to sue the repair shop.

Is there an alternative way?

Well, if you’re looking for a way to deal with your what if I’m not happy with the repairs situation, the problem is that you get some chances when you haven’t picked out an authorized repair shop when you filed for insurance. Now, if you have picked out one, your matters of the issues may be cleared out a bit faster, but the process will still take some time.

As long as there is evidence that the repairs were not made or done properly, it becomes easy for you. However, the insurer will start with the most elementary step, and that is by the way of talking to the repair shop.

what if I’m not happy with the repairs

You will have about four options in case you get stuck in a situation where you feel, “what if I’m not happy with the repairs” and they are:

  • Speak to the repair shop,
  • Write a complaint letter,
  • Speak to the insurer or
  • Sue the repair shop.

However, before you take any serious action, as to suing the shop, you should get some help, legal help at that. Also, if the insurer does not offer satisfactory help, you should take matters in your own hands.



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