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Tips To Prepare The Best Surface For Synthetic Grass

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Preparing an attractive lawn with artificial grass has become quite trendy now, as you can find them in many places. Artificial grass is versatile and you can use them in many ways. You can lay them over the soil, concrete or wooden decking and they will always look good.

However, the quality of the surface can play an important in the overall look of the artificial grass. If you are planning to invest in synthetic grass, you have to prepare the right surface for it. In this article, we will talk about the ways to prepare the right surface for artificial grass.

Why Artificial Grass?

synthetic Grass

Before we talk about the type of surfaces, we should have a look at the benefits of laying artificial grass on a surface. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass does not require intensive maintenance work. Meaning, there is no need for watering, weed killing or mowing if you have artificial grass on your lawn, patios, balcony or any other places. Besides, people use fertilizers and chemicals to keep natural grass safe from pests. Such pesticides are bad for our environment, as they pollute the soil and groundwater.

On The Soil

Soil is the most common surface for synthetic grass. You can find artificial turfs in places like playgrounds and lawns. Such a form of grass can be suitable for both flat surface and undulating terrain. If you are planning to lay artificial grass over the soil, make sure the ground is prepared to wear artificial grass turf.

The proper surfacing is required to get a satisfactory outcome. If you have hired professionals for ground preparation, make sure they follow a multi-layer approach when preparing a stable sub-base that will protect the surface under the grass from erosion and other types of damages.

Concrete Surface

Concrete is another popular base for synthetic grass. The practice of laying artificial turf on the floor, balcony, patios, pool areas, and other places has become popular. If you have any such a plan in mind, make sure the surface is smooth, clean and dry. If possible, check the level using tools and make sure that there is no bump on the surface.

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The surfaces should have an effective drainage system. Stagnant water can be a big factor if you are laying the turf outside. For better outcomes, you can lay a foam pad under the synthetic grass turf.

Indoor Surface

Synthetic Grass

Artificial grass can be used as an alternative to carpet and you can lay it to cover up your basement, kid’s room, run room or any other places. Many homeowners stick the grass on the wall and ceiling to give the interior a different look. You can also cut them into small pieces to make different home decorative for indoor space.

Wooden Deck

Wooden deck is also a suitable surface for artificial grass but before you lay the turf, make sure the base is stable and clean. If you have slat gaps over the wooden deck, you can use foam pad for proper grass installation.

Roofs And Elevated Surface

The roof is also considered as one of the suitable surfaces for synthetic grass. If you are planning to install synthetic grass on the roof, make sure the surface is solid it comes with an effective drainage system. People use such grass on the surface of their rooftop gardens, balconies and recreation spaces. Remember, artificial grass does not grow on soil; hence you can lay them on any surface. They are lightweight, durable and look good on any surface.

Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass does not require heavy maintenance work and they can serve you for a long period. Investing in artificial grass can be a good ideal and you can talk to a local contractor for estimation.

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