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How does the Higher Altitude Affect the Car tire Pressure?

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For sure, it’s really necessary for you to keep your car tires properly inflated in order to reduce the wear and tear. Moreover, it also ensure the smooth ride and better fuel efficiency that almost every car owner wants. When we talk about the appropriate tire inflation, it’s simply meant to avoid both, under inflation as well as the over inflation.

Therefore, make sure to have your tires inflate according to the manufacturers guide. So for all obvious reasons, you won’t be willing to pay huge car tyre price in order to get the new set of car tires.

Conversely, there are a few things one doesn’t have control over and these situations have direct impact over your tire pressure. High altitude dive is one of those and this is quite like to lead to problems. So let’s dive in;

Air Pressure

We most of the car owners have enough knowledge about it but if you don’t know, the air pressure of your car tire is usually 14.7 PSI at the sea level. It will mostly decrease as you ascend. Frankly, there’s no such solution to this. All you can do in this condition is that keep checking your tire pressure once you reach the height and pay a visit to gas station in order to get your tire pressure stabilized.

Altitude Changes

There’s one more thing, why need to keep the proper check of your car tire pressure when heading to the altitude. As your tire pressure is at the standard of 14.7 PSI at the sea level, it’s more likely to increase as you are heading at the high altitude. But when you drive upwards, the pressure from the outside is reduced and that’s what makes the pressure form inside increase considerably.

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Proper Inflation

Since the pressure drops drastically at the higher altitudes, the less amount of air will be needed in order to properly inflate the car tires at the sea level.

Consequently, the tires at the sea level maybe overfilled. Car owners really need to understand this difference of pressure in order to have the proper balance when they drive to the higher altitudes. Just keep in mind, you will have the safe drive at the higher altitude if your car tires are properly inflated.

Only One Solution

As mentioned above, there is no such solution to this. Well actually yes, there might not be a direct solution to this problem. But we can work out a few things that can be of great help. Just make sure to check your tire PSI and adjust it accordingly whenever you find the change in altitude. Here’s one strong tip for you; Just add more air when descending and release some air while moving upwards. It would definitely turn up quite useful for you.


Do you want to know what happens to the car tire pressure when you head to the higher altitudes? Here’s some great piece of information you must not miss. So just check out the article now


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