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5 Tips to Avoid Buying Makeup Products Which You’ll Sooner or Later Regret

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Without a doubt, you hate it when you find yourself regretting buying stuff you just bought. Be it clothes, food, bag or whatever, if it just looks and feels good before you paid for it, it’s truly regretful and annoying.

One of the things people (mostly women) invest in is makeup. They use it due to important purposes or just because they want to. Regardless of the purpose, it doesn’t feel good to know after a while that what you bought is less than the worth of your money. A lot of people also regret after the buy a makeup product. Why? Let’s talk about that together with tips to avoid buying makeup which you’ll sooner or later regret.


TIP #1: Cheap? Look Again.

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People love affordable to very cheap priced products! I mean, who doesn’t? But hey, don’t be blinded by the “cheap” tags. Some vendors might sell makeup products for cheap prices for bigger quantities than expected. Don’t be too excited and too complacent with such offers. You have to check a lot of factors. Look at the size, the packaging, the seal, the cap, the body, the brushes, and everything else. Even the design, check it. If you see that the packaging is broken or if something about it looks off and suspicious, consider getting a replacement or a refund if the case gets more serious. The product might be used already or fake. Be careful with the “cheapest” prices and huge unreasonable markdowns especially those you just see online.


TIP #2: Hear from Others.


Source: Pexels – Elevate

If you want to assure that you’ll buy the makeup product that is worth-buying, read reviews, ask for opinions and know others’ first-hand experience. For sure, those well-known makeup products and services have excellent reviews, but you might want to still look them up. For those products new to you or for those freshly released products, you really have to research before buying. Ask around.


TIP #3: Know What’s In It.

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There are fake makeup products sold by illegal sellers. Such fake products might have chemicals harmful to the skin. There are also products wrongly made yet still sold. They, also, have higher chances of damaging the skin slowly while it makes the user believes that it’s actually effective.

Another thing, you might be allergic to some substances. Don’t impulsively buy. Don’t buy just because the packaging is nice and cute. The content is what you’ll use, not the packaging, so don’t consider it more than the content itself. Not checking the ingredients list is risky. Know what the product is specifically for, and know the restrictions of using it.


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TIP #4: But First, Try.

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You won’t regret buying a product or the regret will at least be lessened if you don’t buy a lot during your first encounter of the product. If you’re not that familiar with the makeup product, then just try a bit of it by buying only a sachet or a little bottle. In that way, you won’t be too disappointed unlike if you buy a huge bottle with a higher price. Consider your first buy as the trial-and-error. If it’s good, then that’s the time you can buy as much as you want. If it’s not good on the other hand, then forget it and look for another product instead.    


TIP #5: Identify Your Skin.

Source: Pixabay – Ivanovgood

A common problem with makeup is the occurrence of side effects while or after using it. Some experience slight to extreme itchiness or inflamed feeling. Some develop rashes or pimples. Those mentioned are just a few of the side effects experienced by people. It isn’t always the product. It could also be because of your skin. People have different skin types, thus, different needs and allowable substances to get in contact with. You must consider first what your skin is, what it is compatible with and what are prohibited to be put on it. You might have an allergy, a skin defect, a wound or a temporary skin issue.

A makeup product you regularly use might not be suitable for a moment when your skin has a problem. Sometimes, it’s not the makeup product’s issue; rather, an issue of your own skin. Don’t just consider what the product is all about but most especially what your skin is all about.




It’s truly sad to regret buying a product especially if it’s expensive. There are many makeup products everywhere, so you have to be very mindful whenever you buy any of them. Remember the tips mentioned above to avoid wasting your money and to avoid issues involving your skin due to the makeup’s composition itself or because of its incompatibility to your skin. Everyone has different skin types and needs, so always consider your own skin. You can just get friendly suggestions and comments from other people, but still, it’s always up to you and your skin.

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