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Interesting things not everyone knows about Abstract Art

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“I understand abstract art as an attempt to feed imagination with a world built through the basic sensations of the eyes.”

Jean Helion

True art does play your heart like a guitar and optimise your mind like a calibrated machine. People have adopted different perceptions of art styles as per their understanding and beliefs.

This said, there is a high possibility that you may not like abstract art with full heart. It’s totally fine. You don’t require to love something to prove its worth. A beautiful abstract art painting that is appearing a waste of efforts and time to you might bring peace to another person.

Even in the history of art, abstract style of art plays an elemental role. Some people argue that even the contemporary form that is presently famous comes out of the abstract art concept. However, I won’t dig deep into this discussion here.

This write-up is solely dedicated to providing the insight into the abstract art form. Here are few interesting aspects of an abstract art form that you may not have known:

Abstract art speaks the visual language

There is not absolute in an abstract. Yes, there isn’t any!

The very elementary aspect of abstract paintings is to weed off any possibility of physical interpretation of any real object. This means an observer is free to extract any sort of meaning from the artwork.

So, what is left if the there are no identifiable objects or patterns? Abstract art paintings are thus a visual representation of colours, designs, shapes, and lines. Only these aspects are utilised by the art lovers to interpret the hidden meaning that resides in an abstract artwork.

Visit an art gallery website on the internet and look for abstract art paintings there. You would notice that majorly all of the artworks are a mere representation of unstructured patterns, loose brush strokes, and non-uniform lines.

Abstraction is one of the most thought-provoking yet beautiful concepts that has ever evolved in the long history of art.

Jackson Pollock is the Father of Abstractionism

I suppose people from America or Europe or people who have studied abstractionism might know this name.

This American artist is known for his drip paintings and humungous canvases. Abstractionism is the ultimate turning point in the art history.

Even though Pollock was considered a genius in the art world, his personal life was not that happening. A lot of experts believed that it was the dark times in the lives of Pollock that made him create such magnificent pieces of art that were never crafted before.

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Pollock’s most famous work named as “No. 5” (crafted in 1948) was sold in 2006 at a jaw-dropping prices of $140 million adding the painting to the list of most expensive artworks of all time.

Art stimulates a part of our brain

It’s not more than a decade ago that neuroaesthetics was founded as a branch of science. Neuroaesthetics is nothing but perceiving art from a scientific prospective.

Several studies have proven that our mind is quite fast and can arrange non-uniform or abstracted designs into the known shapes to extract interpretation from a painting.

So, next time you are visiting a profound art gallery website and looking at an abstract painting, remember, subconsciously your mind is generating meaning out of the loosely drawn lines, designs, and vague colour combinations.

Scientifically, you can identify an artist

Well, it’s true. A research team passed several paintings, few of which were crafted by professional artists, and few by amateurs to a group of volunteers.

Most of the volunteers were found inclined towards artworks created by professionals. This showed that the human brain can identify and accolade the artist’s imagination without any problem.

Hence, abstract paintings are not necessarily vague and meaningless.

A sad end to the story of Abstract painters

Not many would know but most of the famed abstract artists had a much disturbed personal life. For an instance, Pollock was an alcoholic and eventually died because of a car accident during which he was drunk.

Rothko, another well-known name in the abstractionism is known to commit suicide in his own studio. The reason was Rothko’s dreadful health and a disastrous marriage.

Few of the art experts believed that more an artist is depressed and bothered, the more creativity can be seen in the abstract painting.

Abstract painting is the best investment

Acquiring a timeless, original, and exquisite piece of abstract art and placing it on the wall space of your home or workspace is the perfect decorative idea. Apart from rendering that extra energy and dimension, abstract paintings inevitably make an impeccable impression with your guests.

While selecting an artwork for your home, make sure to check aspects such as line, colours, shapes, sizes, and canvases.

Final Takeaway

Check out an art gallery website and you can find that at least 3 out of every 10 most expensive paintings are abstract considering the gallery keeps that style of paintings.

It is the magical essence of abstract art that keeps the interest of viewer intact. This is why I tried to put some of the intriguing aspects related to abstract style form. Reach us in the comment section for any further discussion. Thanks!

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