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How Visualization and Mind exercises can help

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One f the important tools for achieving success in life is Visualization. Visualization and creative visualization, in that,  is to view clear mental images that will have the power to make you progress in the right way to achieve your goals be it, love, money, success, happiness or even improving your day-to-day life. Visualization can be considered as the ability to see things before they actually happen in real time. This, in turn, enables you to pursue them and achieve it when the visualizations are really strong. Creative visualization for healing is likewise an approach to heal your mind from the wounds and pains it has undergone by visualizing a life with happiness. But, what is important however is that visualization must be realistic. And must not be a fantasy.

Visualization and its important aspects

Actually, visualization can propel you towards your goals because your brain does not have theability to differentiate between real action and mental action. That is why mental rehearsals and mental training are considered as effective ways to make your visualization one based on realism.Applying creative visualization for healing also should

  • Focusing on the positive
  • Being consistent
  • Being specific
  • Visualizing that you already have it rather than wanting it

Getting started with visualization

Creative visualization for healing should be in the form of an inner movie that has abundant doses of pleasant and positive experiences. These visualization techniques could deal with almost all types of pains whether physical, mental or emotional which includes a headache, depression, or even fertility issues.  The best way to get prepared to run this movie within you is to follow a few basic steps that will ensure success whether it is a person guided or CD guided session are

  • Starting the session with gentle breathing
  • Focussing on relaxing all your organs and muscles from the head to toe
  • Integrating yourself into the visual imagery using all the five senses

Practicing creative visualization

Find a comfortable place, time as well as seating position.  This is important as an uncomfortable position could cause a strain to a muscle or two which would affect your attention and focus. Once you are assured of your comfort, take ten easy deep breaths


While you take a deep breath you should imagine the air filling your lungs you should also be able to feel the healing oxygen pass through your lungs. Now breathe out saying relax as you do it. while doing the same also imagine that you are releasing all the dis-ease in your mind and body along with the air that flows out. The breathing exercise can be done with your eyes open or closed depending on your preference.

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Body Scan

The next step is to turnyour attention and focus on the areas of tension and pain. When you notice thearea of tension breathe into the area and imagine the tension is being released as you breathe out. Tighten the area and hold the breath for a few seconds in the area if the tension persists and then slowly let the breath out and relax the area, as well.

Healing Image

Once the body is relaxed, imagine a healing image of your choice. The imagined image could be anything as trivial as a colored light to a god’s universal love. However, the important point is that the image should be meaningful to you.  Imagine this image, say a white light, flow down through the crown of your head. take your time and imagine it passing through every inch of your body till your toe. Also imagine that the light heals, nourishes and relaxes you as it is flowing over you. Hold it in your heart for a few seconds to experience the white light. Imagine and feel that the light is filling out and radiating to every cell of your body. Spend a few minutes in the relaxed state once the light reaches the toe.

Recalling a special place

In this relaxedstate of mind, imagine a place that is relaxed, safe and peaceful or any moment that was nurturing and healing to you. integrate all your senses into the thinking as to how the place feels, the smell and fragrances you recognize around that place, the delightful sounds associated with the place so on and so forth. This you may do with guidance.Focus your attention on the special place to the extent that you may return to it at anytime using the simple steps.

The personal reminder symbol

This symbol of your choice must remind you of the special place and this should instantly bring you to the state of relaxation when you are in pain and direct you to the peaceful and relaxed special place. This could be something like taking deep breaths.


Take a deep breath in and and breath out saying Iam well and gently open your eyes.

Creative visualization for healingis an incredible resource that relieves you from automatic thoughts with negative intonation and pain and helps you access the healthy and desirable life you desire by being able to access anytime through imagination and thus bring about changes that heal.

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