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How to Match Shoes to Your Dress

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The average woman in America owns around 27 pairs of shoes. This number might seem astonishing but some women own more. With all the variety available to us, how is it that we often cannot find the perfect match for most of our dresses? The problem lies in the styles we buy. We have compiled a list to help you create the perfect match for a variety of occasions.

Shoes with Neutral colors

Neutral colors are indispensable to any woman’s shoe closet since they blend in with a variety of dresses and occasions. Nude pumps pair perfectly with a printed dress and can be worn to a girls’ night out as well as a weekend’s charity event. Wearing embellished shoes with an embellished dress is a no-no since they shift away from the focus from the dress.

Nude shoes

Printed Dress

Perhaps one of the most daunting challenges in matching shoes with a dress comes to play when you are wearing a printed dress. Some women prefer neutral-toned shoes when wearing such a dress. The best option, however, is to match them to one of the colors in the print. For instance, if you are wearing a busy sequin print of black, silver, and gold, then choosing a pair  with any of these colors will greatly complement your dress. Ensure that the shoe is simple since the dress is already busy with sequins.

Avoid the matchy-matchy trend

During the 90’s and early 00’s wearing the same color from head to toe was a popular trend. This matching trend was even once worn by Kim Kardashian as she walked down the red carpet! However, the age of matchy-matchy is past and that of the mismatch has dawned. The matchy-matchy trend only applies if you are going all black, as such an outfit will forever remain chic. If you are wearing a red dress, avoid red shoes. If you chose to wear a sultry red dress, for example, then silver gladiators or black strappy sandals would complement your dress better than red shoes.


Complementary colors

A Complementary or contrast color refers to a color that is opposite to a certain color on the color wheel. Pairing these two colors always brings an exciting look. Color blocking is a popular trend in the world of fashion but you need to ensure you are aware of the color wheel. Cobalt blue heels, for instance, will yield an amazing look when worn with a dress with tones of orange.

Different shades

If you are not into color blocking, you can try matching your dress with shoes of different shades (lighter or darker). Such a pairing can be beautiful when done correctly and prevent your colors from clashing. Ensure that your handbag and accessories are neutrally toned to prevent your outfit from seeming too busy with color.

Girl in red shoes

More is not necessarily right, but the right can mean more. You do not need too many shoes to create the perfect match; you only need to have the right type of shoes. Neutrals and nudes are indispensable to your shoe collection, so are classy black heels and something flirty. For casual and formal occasions go with loafers or oxford shoes. Strappy shoes and flats should also make an appearance in your wardrobe. Have fun!


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